GSUS Sg – Cloverfield (2020)

GSUS Sg - Cloverfield (2020) full

With a logo on the cover artwork dangerously similar to guitarist Gus G, “Cloverfield” is the new album from the also guitarist / songwriter Spanish-born GSUS Sg (stands for his real name; Jesus Sanchez ‘g’uitar).
GSUS is inspired by ’80s shred virtuosos like George Lynch, Satriani, etc, and “Cloverfield” mixes some instrumental compositions in that vein, but mostly are melodic hard rock songs with English lyrics and featuring guest vocalists from Germany and Ireland.
Indeed, “Cloverfield” seems to come from 1988-1991 when many shredders recorded successful solo albums inviting vocalists to perform catchy hard rockin’ songs.

To make it clear this is an 80s inspired album in vibe, arrangments and overall sound, GSUS does 2 covers of popular movie soundtracks from that decade: his own take on ‘Maniac’, the Michael Sembello song for Flashdance – more ‘heavy’ and rocking, and the Moroder / Forsey tune ‘Never Ending Story’ for the film of the same name, with synths replaced by swirling rock guitar here.
Both are fun, good covers.

Then there’s heavy rockers on the dark ‘Burn for Love’, ‘Where We Stand’ (some Lynch Mob here’), and the melodic ‘Together (The Future Is Now)’, all performed by Irish vocalist Hytham Martin.
German singer Chris Mittler is much more melodious in style, and he puts his pipes on the commercial ‘Give up Cryin”, and ‘Never Ending Story’.

“Cloverfield” is an album taking inspiration for that sub-genre which involved virtuoso rock guitarists decades ago.
While Gsus isn’t the most original axe-man out there, most these songs work fine and entertain. Production could be a lot better, but heck, there isn’t so much records in this style nowadays, so this is welcomed.


01. Burn for Love
02. Give up Cryin’
03. Fantasia (Atreyu’s Theme)
04. Never Ending Story
05. One Last Summer
06. Maniac
07. Tania’s Dream
08. Where We Stand
09. Together (The Future Is Now)
10. New Way
11. Wind Underfoot
12. Cosmic Energy
13. Full Dimension

Gsus Sanchez – guitars, bass, keys
Hytham Martin – vocals
Chris Mittler – vocals
Ruben Caravaca – bass
Miguel Torres – bass
Sandra Abellan – add vocals on Never Ending Story



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