JIMI JAMISON – Eye Of The Tiger ; The Singles, The Bonus Tracks & The Rare [0dayrox compilation]

JIMI JAMISON - Eye Of The Tiger ; The Singles [0dayrox exclusive] full

Many of you asked for the JIMI JAMISON newly recorded version of Survivor’s classic song Eye Of The Tiger done in 2014. So we decided to make it bigger, creating a huge 0dayrox compilation of Jimi albums bonus tracks, standalone singles, contributions, rarities, etc.
Eye Of The Tiger : The Singles, The Bonus Tracks & The Rare [0dayrox compilation]” spawn all the songs / singles / contributions done by the great Jimi during the past four decades. All have been officially released, but many are very rare, unknown, or hard to find now.

Speaking of “Eye Of The Tiger 2014 version”, this is a 3-track single appeared in 2014.
Jamison arranged with members of the Whitney Wolanin Band to re-record one of the greatest Melodic Rock songs of all time; “Eye Of The Tiger”. As you may know, Jamison was not member of Survivor when the band recorded the super hit for the Rocky movie.

The idea to re-record / instrumentally re-arrange “Eye Of The Tiger” born from the initiative of funk-master bassist Bob Babbitt (Robert Palmer, Phil Collins) and now in the Whitney Wolanin Band. He talked with Jamison and he agreed to provide the lead vocal tracks.
Babbitt and the guys from the Whitney Wolanin Band arranged & played the song in a very ‘OST’ way, as it is was heard on the movie. And I really like the results!

We have 3 versions of “Eye Of The Tiger”; the ‘Anniversary Of Rocky III Mix’ in its long (extended guitar solo) and edit versions, and the ‘Sing along Instrumental Mix’, with a cool ‘end titles’ feel.
Perhaps this release is only for Survivor / Jimi Jamison completists, but also for Movie Soundtrack collectors, this is a must have. Heck, it doesn’t matter which genre you are fan of, everybody loves “Eye Of The Tiger”, and this ‘new’ version is another one to treasure.

Now let’s go with the rest of the material featured here.
‘House That Love Built’ is a rare benefit single recorded by Jimi for the Ronald McDonald House Of Memphis. Lovely tune with superb, intimate vocals.
Jamison was part, of course, of the all-star project put together by Survivor’s genius Jim Pererik – World Stage – and we have here ‘Long Road Home’ showcasing a terrific Jamison performance.

‘Alive’ is the exclusive European bonus track of Jimi’s album Crossroads Moment, one of his best solo songs if you ask me. Then ‘Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart (Acoustic)’ is the Never Too Late album Japanese edition bonus track.
Also included here are 3 Survivor songs performed live by Jamison, taken from the alternate release of his album Empires, not present in the regular version. Really good takes on ‘Burning Heart (Live)’, ‘Rebel Son (Live)’ and ‘Too Hot to Sleep (Live)’.

There’s a rare recording of Jimi classic ‘I’m Always Here (Live by the Waterside)’, the song he recorded for The Doors tribute (L.A. Woman), and the track recorded with Tommy Denander’s Radioactive (‘Summer Rains’).

JIMI JAMISON - The Singles [0dayrox exclusive]

We have the different versions of ‘Crossroads Moment (Torch remix)’ and ‘As Is (Treasure Beneath The Tears mix)’, while ‘Streets Of Heaven’ is the bonus track taken from Crossroads Moment Japanese edition.
Our choice from Jimi’s Live At Firefest is ‘It’s The Singer Not The Song’ (tremendous version), and there’s a rare recording of ‘Search Is Over’ taped at the Rock & Pop Masters concert in Weston.

Perhaps among the rarest tracks here are ‘Mama’, a posthumous single released after Jimi’s death from his One Man’s Trash project, a previously unreleased song unknown / unheard by many.
Also, few know that Jimi guest on a record of female singer Gema Pearl. He duets on the song ‘Forever Ended Today’. There’s the original and the lovely ‘Epic Version’. You’ll love Jimi’s voice here.

More rarities appear in the raw live take of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ recorded during the Rick Springfield & Friends tour from some years ago. Or songs taken from a digital only album titled Unreleased Music like the classic rockers ‘The Sound Of Home’ and ‘Till You Love Someone’.
As curiosity there’s the maxi-single ‘Baywatch The Remixes’, including of course ‘I’m Always Here (Original TV show Version)’ but also a techno remix radio edit version. A song from One Man’s Trash project – ‘Long Time’ – was also remixed into a weird House Mix, not my cup of tea but fun.

This is a humble tribute to one of the greatest voices in Rock, not only for Survivor / Jimi Jamison fans but also completists, collectors, etc.
Only at 0dayrox


Vol 1:
01 – Eye of the Tiger (Anniversary of Rocky III Mix)
02 – Eye of the Tiger (Anniversary of Rocky III Radio Edit)
03 – Eye of the Tiger (Sing-Along Instrumental Mix)
04 – House That Love Built (benefit single)
05 – Long Road Home (Peterik’s World Stage feat Jimi Jamison)
06 – Alive (Crossroads Moment Euro bonus track)
07 – Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart (Acoustic) [NTL Japan bonus]
08 – Ever Since The World Began (Lock Up movie soundtrack)
09 – Burning Heart (’90s Live)
10 – Rebel Son (’90s Live)
11 – Too Hot to Sleep (’90s Live)
12 – Summer Rains (Radioactive feat. Jimi Jamison)
13 – I’m Always Here (Live by the Waterside)
14 – L.A. Woman (The Doors tribute)

Vol. 2:
01 – Crossroads Moment (Torch remix)
02 – I’m Always Here (Original TV show Version)
03 – Forever Ended Today [Epic Version] (with Gema Pearl)
04 – It’s The Singer Not The Song (Live at Firefest)
05 – Search Is Over (Live One Night In Weston)
06 – Streets Of Heaven (Crossroads Moment JP bonus)
07 – Mama (posthumous single prev. unreleased) (One Man’s Trash)
08 – Eye of the Tiger (Rick Springfield & Jimi Jamison Live)
09 – As Is (Treasure Beneath The Tears mix)
10 – The Sound Of Home
11 – Till You Love Someone
12 – Forever Ended Today (with Gema Pearl)
13 – High on You (Live One Night In Weston)
14 – Space Cowboy (Steve Miller Tribute)
15 – I’m Always Here (DJ Fubar Radio Edit)
16 – Long Time (One Man’s Trash – House Mix)


Not for Sale / 0dayrox exclusive

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  1. Tod H says:

    Excellent playlist…could also add the track “Love You All Over The World” from the Jim Peterik & World Stage “Winds Of Change” album which came out in 2019. Not really a rarity but perhaps not known by many.

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