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COBRA (Jimi Jamison) – First Strike [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] HQ

After all the ’80s Survivor material featured here, I think it is necessary to complete the circle with an album strongly related to this incredible US Melodic Rock band; “First Strike” by COBRA featuring future Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison. This Rock Candy remaster is pure gold, officially for the first time on CD with a fantastic sonic treatment.
Originally issued in 1983 and produced by ‘Colonel’ Tom Allom (Judas Priest, Def Leppard, etc), “First Strike” remains one of the best and certainly one of the most criminally overlooked albums of the era.
Cobra rocks out hard on ‘Blood On Your Money’, ‘Only You Can Rock Me’ or ‘Danger Zone’ but are also capable of delivering a great ballad such as ‘Looking At You’, a real gem. My personal highlight is the epic ‘Travelin’ Man’, which alternates between brooding tension and glorious release as it explodes into an anthemic chorus.
This is a great Rock Candy 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, with a really interesting 4,000 word story of the making of the album by Dave Cockett and exclusive interview with Jimi Jamison, plus previously unpublished…

SURVIVOR – Live In Japan 1985 [Japan only release / Remastered 2009] *EXCLUSIVE*

To complete the recent SURVIVOR exclusives recently featured, here we have the awesome “Live In Japan 1985“, recorded live September 21, 1985, in Tokyo, only released in Japan and fully remastered.
Perfectly captured and mixed by Mike Clink, the album showcases how amazing SURVIVOR / Jami Jamison were performing alive.
There was a budget release in the USA some years ago as part of the Extended Versions series, however, it was incomplete as it dropped 2 tracks.
“Live In Japan 1985” is the only official release documenting one of the greatest Melodic Rock bands in history into the ‘tiger natural environment’: the stage.
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SURVIVOR – Fire Makes Steel [The Unreleased 1993-96 Album with Dave Bickler]

And as requested, here’s the ”lost” SURVIVOR album “Fire Makes Steel“, which are in fact the songs the band composed and demoed between 1993-1996 and never crystallized into an official release.
Few of these song ideas ended into the SURVIVOR’s album ‘Reach’, however most of the tracks remain unreleased… and how good, brilliant stuff they are.
After Jimi Jamison left the band for a solo career, in early 1993 Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan reunited with original lead singer Dave Bickler as SURVIVOR and…

SURVIVOR – Reach [Japan Edition +1] Out Of Print

After 18 years since their last studio album Too Hot To Sleep, SURVIVOR came back with “Reach“. By this time, Frankie Sullivan was the only original member, as Jim Peterik left the band in 1996. Following the release of this album singer Jimi Jamison left SURVIVOR as well, though he subsequently reunited with them in 2012. Ultimately, this turned out to be his final album with the band, due to his death in 2014.
Some of the material here originates from a period from 1993 to 1996 when SURVIVOR recorded demos for an unreleased album that can be heard on the ”Fire Makes Steel” bootleg.
This Japanese Edition of “Reach” includes an exclusive bonus track, and it’s out of print now being hard…

JIMI JAMISON – Eye Of The Tiger ; The Singles, The Bonus Tracks & The Rare [0dayrox compilation]

Many of you asked for the JIMI JAMISON newly recorded version of Survivor’s classic song Eye Of The Tiger done in 2014. So we decided to make it bigger, creating a huge 0dayrox compilation of Jimi albums bonus tracks, standalone singles, contributions, rarities, etc.
Eye Of The Tiger : The Singles, The Bonus Tracks & The Rare [0dayrox compilation]” spawn all the songs / singles / contributions done by the great Jimi during the past four decades. All have been officially released, but many are very rare, unknown, or hard to find now.
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SURVIVOR – Albino Tiger ; The Rare & The Unreleased (0dayrox compilation)

As requested, here we have compiled in a ‘0dayrox style’ some rare and unreleased SURVIVOR, not only with Dave Bickler & Jimi Jamison on vocals, but also Robin McAuley demos.
We’ve take from our vault a lot versions of their mega-hit “Eye Of The Tiger” all of them never commercially released, such as Dave Bickler doing it acoustically, the Jimi Jamison version, an instrumental, etc.
Amongst these rarities there’s three tracks recorded with Irish shouter Robin McAuley (proposed to be Survivor’s lead singer), the only known recorded version of “Velocitized” (later done by Mecca), and various extended mixes (all performed by Survivor).
As an 80s movie soundtrack fan, I love the “Burning Heart” & “Eye Of The Tiger” mixes only heard in the film Rocky IV, never released on any format and heavily edited from the DVD as source.
Of course are included here the exclusive songs only present into the Greatest Hits releases ‘Ultimate Survivor’ (2004) and ‘Greatest Hits 2’ (1993), and the track recorded for…

SURVIVOR – Greatest Hits 1979-1988 +1 [Japanese Limited BEST 1000 series] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Sony Music Japan started a new Limited BEST 1000 reissue series from ’80s artists from their catalog at the affordable price of 1000 Yen (around U$S 9). This SURVIVORGreatest Hits 1979-1988‘ is a great purchase for this price, and even includes a free coaster featuring the cover artwork.
Available for a limited period – in fact it’s already out of print – the release is only for the Asian market – song titles are in Japanese – however you can order the CD overseas. The sound quality is excellent, very vinyl LP-like in Dynamic Range.
This compilation includes the Peterik/Sullivan penned previously unreleased Survivor version of “Rockin’ Into The Night” (which was recorded by .38 Special in 1980) and ‘Summer Nights’ in its Full Length Version.
You may have most of these songs already, but getting these hits all-in-1 CD at this price is a great deal. And I never have enough Survivor…
Only at 0dayrox

SURVIVOR – When Seconds Count [Rock Candy remaster +1]

Requested by many of you, here’s more SURVIVOR ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ by Rock Candy Records. Let’s go now with their awesome “When Seconds Count“, including a bonus track. Recorded in Los Angeles, produced by long time associate Ron Nevison (Heart, Bad Company, Foreigner, etc) and featuring the now world-wide star vocalist Jimi Jamison, the album picks up perfectly from ‘Vital...

SURVIVOR – Too Hot To Sleep [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Seventh album from SURVIVOR and their last in the ’80s, “Too Hot To Sleep“, one of the many albums from the band briefly taken out of print in 2009. However, it was ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ in all its glory by Rock Candy Records. “Too Hot To Sleep” was the last Survivor album to be issued during their Eighties heyday, a...

SURVIVOR – Caught In The Game [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

“Caught In The Game” is the fourth album by American Melodic Rock Gods SURVIVOR, one of the many albums from the band briefly taken out of print in 2009. However, it was ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. “Caught In The Game” it’s the Survivors’s last album to-date to feature lead vocalist Dave Bickler, who left due to vocal...

SURVIVOR – Premonition [Rock Candy remaster]

Requested by many here’s more SURVIVOR for the soul, with this really good Rock Candy remaster of “Premonition“, the band’s second album. With a new rhythm section and the pair guitarist Frankie Sullivan & keyboarder Jim Peterik writing all the songs, “Premonition” was produced by themselves, in fact, it was Peterik the real conductor orienting the band to a more...

SURVIVOR (feat Jimi Jamison) – Sucker Punch ; Legendary FM Broadcasts ’84 (2019)

Titled “Sucker Punch”, a SURVIVOR concert from the golden era including Jimi Jamison on vocals has been released. As part of the legendary Westwood One FM Broadcasts, the show showcases Survivor at its prime. The sound quality is very good as the recording, as happened with several W1 Broadcasts, was pressed on few vinyls for radio station archive. There’s a...

SURVIVOR – Eye Of The Tiger [Rock Candy remastered +1]

Rock Candy Records specialists did some time ago great remasters to SURVIVOR‘s catalog minus the band’s classic “Eye Of The Tiger“. Finally they got the rights for the reissue and their own remastering treatment, featuring the hard to find Special Extended Version of the iconic title track. A true ’80s US Melodic Rock landmark, “Eye Of The Tiger” marked Survivor’s...

JIM PETERIK (Survivor) – The Songs (2016)

Continuing with the JIM PETERIK-related requested music, here’s “The Songs“, a collection of his most celebrated songs freshly re-recorded in acoustic form, released via his own label World Stage International Records. For years Peterik fans and friends have been asking him to do an acoustic album of Jimbo biggest songs done in an intimate and more revealing way. Peterik enlisted...


JIM PETERIK AND WORLD STAGE is back with a superb new album (HERE), and some of you asked for the first record from the project, the remarkable as well self-titled release “Jim Peterik and World Stage”.A living icon from the American Rock scene, through the years JIM PETERIK has written / co-written some of the most memorable songs from the...