ROB MORATTI – Transcendent (2016)

ROB MORATTI - Transcendent (2016) full

2016 was the time the long awaited return of powerhouse Canadian vocalist ROB MORATTI with his second solo album entitled “Transcendent“, again featuring a stellar cast of musicians resulting in a monster Melodic Rock beast.
Fresh off his recent gig with Ged Rylands’ (ex Ten) Rage Of Angels project and their excelent album ‘The Devil’s New Tricks’, the versatile Moratti returned with a new solo album providing his incredible voice to another platter of AOR / Melodic Hard Rock sheen.

Since Rob first appeared as vocalist and main songwriter for ‘Moratti’ in the early Nineties which saw the release of two fine albums, he has gone on to front melodic rockers Final Frontier which saw the release of four albums. Which then led him onto replace Michael Sadler in legends Saga, and while only recording one album with them (and touring around the world) it was one of great accolade indeed.

For “Transcendent”, the line-up of session musicians is truly impressive: super talented Danish Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force, Decoy) providing guitars & keyboards, legend Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Don Dokken) on bass, Fredrik Bergh (Northern Light, Phenomena, Street Talk) on keyboards, etc. Even his former bandmate in Saga, founder Ian Crichton guest with a guitar solo.

A pumping bass line get us into the opener ‘Answer Of Life’ before Moratti’s vocals develop the first awesome melody on an album plenty of it: infectious chorus and great guitar solo coupled with a great melodic background of keys and riffs is soothing to the ear yet an assault on your melodic senses.
‘Im Flying High’ is a foot tapping singalong track that continues the melodic ride into your neighbors eardrums as you crank it up and fly high indeed like a melodic winged serpent as you look for a place to land so you can raise up your devil horns and scream ‘Im Flying High’.

It’s not a secret Moratti’s affinity for a Journey inspired sound. He credits the band and former vocalist Steve Perry for his passion for music.
Many songs on this CD, like ‘Lost And Lonely’, midtempo ‘Baby I’m Yours’ and especially ‘Edge Of Love’ have that Journey aura. Classy ’80s melodies, clean riffs, sharp guitar leads, lovely keyboards touches and strong vocals / harmonies / choruses.

‘Within Your Eyes’ slows things down to a soothing ballad level that pulls at your heart strings as the rhythm section keep things tight and the vocals reach in and pull a little more, with a great little solo midway through it sets this one up to be one of the standout tracks.
The more muscular tracks while still maintaining the melodic feel are ‘Im Back’ with more fine vocals and rhythm section bliss and features a great Ian Crichton guitar riff. And ‘There’s No Denying’ again showcasing Rob’s considerable vocal talent and his songwriting / production skills.

There’s no doubt: Rob Moratti is in his element on “Transcendent”. Classic AOR and punchy Melodic Rock is his venue and he always shines, with a varied vocal work and elaborated harmonies.
Backed-up by a selection of fine musicians and a brilliant production, “Transcendent” announces the return of Rob Moratti in his best and finest form ever. Another shining, consistent, and entertaining album from this talented singer.
One for the ‘Best Of’ list of the year.


01. Answer Of Life
02. Don’t Give Up
03. Edge Of Love
04. I’m Back
05. Lost And Lonely
06. I’m Flying High
07. Within Your Eyes
08. Midst Of June
09. There’s No Denying
10. To Be An Honest Man
11. Baby I’m Yours
12. Euphoria

Rob Moratti – Vocals, All Background Harmonies
Torben Enevoldsen (Acacia Avenue) – Guitars, Keyboards
Fredrik Bergh (Northern Light, Phenomena, Street Talk) – Keyboards
Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Don Dokken) – Bass
Stu Reid (Final Frontier) – Drums, Percussion
special guests:
Christian Wolff (Axel Rudi Pell, Phenomena) – All Guitars 2, 5
Ian Crichton (Saga, Asia, Phenomena) – Lead Guitar 4



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