CHRIS MANNING (feat Bruce Kulick) – Destination (2020)

CHRIS MANNING (feat Bruce Kulick) - Destination (2020) full

American guitarist CHRIS MANNING is releasing a new solo album titled ”Destination”, featuring 11 new songs combining his signature guitar style with the talents of Hollywood vocalist Chris Hodges. Manning and Hodges collaborate on a wide range of tracks covering many different styles, but always revolving around Classic Rock, AOR, and melodic rock.
On this CD, Bruce Kulick takes on the role of “creative consultant” and provides the lead guitar on one track. You can hear Kulick’s touch all over the record, and many songs brings to mind his ’80s bands / collaborations.

Manning is a really talented guitarist with a unique style and approach. He is capable of playing his instrument with fluid movements, using his dynamic touch of picking technique and creative chord voicing. His playing excels in his compositions and takes the listener into the colorful ‘World of Manning’.
Session singer / arranger Chris Hodges really surprises. The tone, control, and range of his voice are on par or better than many of the top male rock vocalists out there.

Joining Manning & Hodges are UK session pro drummer Max Salidi and ace UK studio bassist Dan Hawkins who provide a top-flight rhythm section for Manning’s melodic guitar and Hodge’s intense, dynamic vocals.
Special guests include Kulick, the great Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Punky Meadows) providing more variation with his lead vocals on closer ‘To the Sixth Sun’, bassist Rick Read (Herd of Instincts, The Zeppelin Project), and songwriter Tim Beamguard (Highway 31).

This is a varied, interesting album. Opener ‘Sharp’ is a solid mid-tempo rocker, where the powerful throat of Hodges shows what he has to offer and where he occasionally sounds like a young Vince Neil. It’s followed by ‘Get Me Out’, a cool bluesy stamper in which you can hear some greasy guitar riffs as well as the funky bass line of Alannah Myles and her Black Velvet 1989 hit.

On ‘Start Over Now’ features the lead guitar by Bruce Kulick on his 1953 Les Paul, a quite dark rocker, they change for an AOR sweet tune in ‘Push’, then ‘Ascendant’ is bathed in a Kingdom Come atmosphere. And so you can make a link for each of the eleven songs, except perhaps for the melodic instrumental ‘Collider’.
An entertaining, varied, well produced – and quite original in terms of sound – melodic rock record.


01 – Sharp
02 – Get Me Out
03 – Start over Now (feat Bruce Kulick)
04 – Push
05 – Came out Alive
06 – Sovereign
07 – Ascendant
08 – Implode
09 – Heart of a Chance
10 – Collider
11 – To the Sixth Sun (lead vocals Chandler Mogel)

Chris Manning (guitars)
Chris Hodges (vocals)
Dan Hawkins (bass)
Max Salidi (drums)
Bruce Kulick (guitar, musical direction)
Chandler Mogel (vocals)
Rick Read (bass)
Tim Beamguard (co-writer)



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