ALLISON – They Never Come Back (2020)

ALLISON - They Never Come Back (2020) full

It took 25 years to Swiss female-fronted melodic hard rock band ALLISON to get ready this, their 3rd album titled “They Never Come Back“. After two successful albums in the first half of the ’90s and having gigs with the likes of Thunder, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, etc, ALLISON broke up in 1998.
But always fronted by powerful vocalist Janet La Rose the band reunited few years ago, and as the album artwork makes clear, laced up their gloves again to get into the ring.

Musically, ALLISON still offer solid classic melodic hard rock, which is increasingly settled in the mid-tempo range typical for the more melodious side of the genre.
The new album opens with the fist-in-the-air uptempo rocker “The River”, then “Edge Of Golden Days” takes us back two decade ago with its radio friendly feel, next “Crank It Up” puts rocks hard again yet midpaced and with some bluesy flavor.

“Hang Tough” is a strong power ballad, including nice synth strings and La Rose’s smooth vocals with a certain Ann Wilson color. However, on most tracks seems her voice acquired a rougher edge resembling Janet Gardner (Vixen).
An old-school female-fronted melodic hard rock album is always welcomed, so I’m glad ALLISON are back in business.
Highly Recommended


01 – The River
02 – Edge of Golden Days
03 – Crank it Up
04 – Hang Tough
05 – Beautiful World
06 – Blackbird
07 – Merry-Go-Round
08 – Rock High
09 – Can You Hear Me
10 – Open Water

Janet La Rose – vocals
Pierce Baltino – bass
Jonny Stutz – guitars
Robi Würgler – guitars
Sean Evans – drums
Dani Feusi – keyboards



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