ETERNAL IDOL – The Unrevealed Secret [Japan Edition +1]

ETERNAL IDOL - The Unrevealed Secret (2016) full

The Unrevealed Secret” is the debut album from ETERNAL IDOL, the new band formed in early 2016 which marked the start of a new musical adventure for ex Rhapsody Of Fire and Angra singer Fabio Lione, together with the experienced Italian guitar player Nick Savio (ex Hollow Haze) and a line-up completed by the young vocal rising star Giorgia Colleluori, Camillo Colleluori (also from Hollow Haze) on drums, and Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere, Hell in the Club) on bass.

With a bright and punchy production, “The Unrevealed Secret” is one of the best Melodic Metal releases of the year which may appeal to all fans of Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall, Masterplan, Avantasia, etc.
The modern melodic metal sound is spiced with sympho, some power, but always with catchiness in mind. We have two lead vocalist male/ female. That, in itself, isn’t uncommon or novel. Think of all the bands that have a operatic female lead and some jackass doing dirty vocals.

The thing is that, fortunately, Ms Colleluori’s pipes are not of the operatic variety. No, she’s more the straight metal singer, like Fabio Lione. In fact, they are nearly a perfect match to compliment each other.
And that makes the strength of Eternal Idol’s debut.

ETERNAL IDOL - The Unrevealed Secret (2016) inside

While not quite as bombastic and breathtaking as many acts in this vein (the focus here are the vocals) Eternal Idol nails all the characteristic of the genre with ease, grace, and power for an exceptional and enjoyable listening experience.

It’s got everything you want and expect from this classic genre: a broad and expansive canvas of orchestration, powerful, clean, and soaring melodic vocals, glittering keyboards (love the way are placed), generous and harmonious riffs, and an abundance of killer lead guitar solos.
As said, fans of Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall, Avantasia, Allen / Lande, etc are in for a treat with “The Unrevealed Secret”, highly melodic & polished.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Evil Tears
02 – Another Night Comes
03 – Awake in Orion
04 – Is the Answer Far from God?
05 – Blinded
06 – Sad Words Unveiled
07 – Desidia
08 – Hall of Sins
09 – Feels Like I’m Dying
10 – A Song in the Wind
11 – Stormy Days
12 – Beyond
13 -A Song In The Wind (Acoustic Version)

Fabio Lione – Lead Vocals
Giorgia Colleluori – Lead Vocals
Nick Savio – Guitars & Keyboards
Camillo Colleluori – Drums
Andrea Buratto- Bass



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