FAHRENHEIT (Spain) – ‘212’ (2020)

FAHRENHEIT (Span) - '212' (2020) full

Spanish band FAHRENHEIT has been releasing some sporadic singles during the last years, and now the time for their full length debut ”212” has come. Since their origins these guys mix Euro / US classic melodic hard rock with AOR touches, and that’s what this ten-track album is all about, mixed & mastered in USA.
From the rocking opener “The Winner” with its catchy choruses, to the melodic rock midtempo of “Damned To Love” (including some female vocals), or the pure AOR of “Dont Give it Up” with its melodious vocals and keys, this is a really varied set of tunes.

“Grow Up Younger” tick all the boxes of 80s classic melodic rock; hooks, swee riffs, clean vocals and nice harmonies. Then “Kill Me” is different again, a ballad, but powerful where the lead vocals take center role and the instrumentation is heavy.
On “Moving Slow Down” the guys go for American glam metal circa 1988, a party song screaming to be performed live.

“Sweet Vengeance” starts with guitars and keyboards creating an atmosphere of a storm in the making. It’s very Whitesnake, then it goes for a midtempo melodic rocker and AOR touches thanks to the synths. An intense, elaborated tune, and one of our favorites.
When you have a melodic rock song named after a girl, you know what you got: “Susanne” is that song here with all the typical moods of the genre. Very catchy.

Near the end, the album do not decrease in quality. “When Love Arrives” is a strong midtempo melodic song with solid refrains and specially the rhythm section which carries the song.
Closer “Emotion Seeker” is hard rockin’ fun, riff-driven and another song written for a live show.
While production could be better, Spaniard FAHRENHEIT has all the chops and skills from the genre, they add their updated own touch, and variation in arrangements / songwriting, resulting ”212” an interesting, entertaining listen.
Two Thumbs Up guys


01 – The Winner
02 – Damned to Love
03 – Grow up Younger
04 – Kill Me
05 – Moving Slow Down
06 – Sweet Vengeance
07 – Don’t Give It Up
08 – Susanne
09 – When Love Arrives
10 – Emotion Seeker

Guillermo Munoz: Vocals
Guillermo Capilla: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Javier Hidalgo: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gonzalo Villanueva: Drums
Marcos Jimenez: Bass, Backing Vocals



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