ICONIC EYE – Back From Behind The Sun (2020)

ICONIC EYE - Back From Behind The Sun (2020) full

British melodic rockers ICONIC EYE are back with new material, “Back From Behind The Sun“, still female fronted but now with a new singer; Janey Smith, previously known as ‘Janey Bombshell’.
Founded by guitarist Greg Dean, ICONIC EYE’S 2015 debut album featured half of the songs sung by renowned Lee Small (SHY, LIONHEART), but in 2017 the band made the bold move to become female fronted. This change lifted the existing songs and created the right environment for the band to start writing again.
Now they are back with new blood in Janey Bombshell, and let me tell you this is music that the melodic rock fraternity should unhesitatingly embrace.
As extra, we have the remixed previous songs from the band just released as standalone singles.

While Iconic Eye have gone through some personnel changes, that has in no way diminished the high quality melodic hard rock that they play. In preparation for a heavier regime of gigging, sensational new vocalist Janey Smith has been brought in to replace the Jane Gould, who was very good too.
But new girl Janey is an incredible vocalist, powerful and even more melodic than her predecessor, for what is going to be an exciting time ahead for Iconic Eye.

“Back From Behind The Sun” is the title track from this new album, and perfectly showcases what Iconic Eye deliver here; Janey Smith’s vocals are striking and backed with a band of high quality musicians making this anthemic melodic rocker easily comparable to acts like LEE AARON, SARAYA, VIXEN and ROMEO’S DAUGHTER to name a few.

The rest of the material is in similar fashion, taking you on a sumptuous journey that is swathed in majestic keyboards, regal guitars, imperial vocals and all backed by an imposing backbeat from the rhythm section.
With songwriting and musicianship of this quality I would think that if Iconic Eye had been releasing music 30-40 years ago, that journey would have taken them to headline slots on arena stages around the world.
Who knows, in the post-Covid world that me must surely arrive at some day, it may still do that.

“Back From Behind The Sun” should propel the band straight back into the melodic rock limelight, which is where they clearly belong.
This is one of the finest slabs of UK melodic rock I have had the pleasure of listening to in many a year.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Back from Behind the Sun
02 – Jane
03 – Ghost Town
04 – Have My Day
05 – Femme Fatale
06 – Now That I’ve Found Love (2020 Remix)
07 – All She Needed (2016 Version)
08 – Let It Rain Down (2016 Version)

Vocals – Janey Smith
Guitars, Keyboards – Greg Dean
Lead Guitars – Neil Hackett
Bass – Michael Dagnall
Drums – Jon Cooksey
Vocals on 7, 8 – Jane Gould



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