QUARTERFLASH – Harden My Heart ; The Best of Quarterflash [Music On CD 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

QUARTERFLASH - Harden My Heart ; The Best of Quarterflash [Music On CD 2020] full

Music On CD just reissued “Harden My Heart ; The Best of Quarterflash“, including all the band’d hits and their sturdiest material. As a true product of the ’80s, three of the group’s songs were featured into movie soundtracks from era, all featured here as well.
Led by husband & wife Rindy and Marv Ross, Portland’s QUARTERFLASH took the world by surprise in the ’80s with 3 successful albums and 3 top-20 singles; “Harden My Heart,” “Find Another Fool” and “Take Me To Heart.”.
The sultry female vocals of Rindy Ross gave Quarterflash’s typical Eighties glossy sound chorus-and-bridge rock a very distinct edge.

Quarterflash’s three charted singles highlight this best-of package. Both “Harden My Heart” and “Find Another Fool” broke the Top 20 upon the release of their self-titled debut album in 1981, and proved to be this Oregon band’s best singles.
Two other songs from the album, “Critical Times” and “Right Kind of Love,” appear here also, followed by the seductive rock flow of the number 14 hit “Take Me to Heart,” from 1983’s Take Another Picture.
The elegant “Night Shift” appeared on the 1982 soundtrack of the same name which is now out of print, while the B-side to “Harden My Heart,” entitled “Don’t Be Lonely,” surfaced on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack album, and “Make It Shine” was included on The Gremlins OST.

Excellent musicianship and elaborated songwriting considering the mainstream rock&pop / lite AOR focus, Quarterflash’s music is pure ’80s wrapped by a smooth production.
Highly Recommended


01 – Harden My Heart
02 – Find Another Fool
03 – Right Kind Of Love
04 – Critical Times
05 – Take Me To Heart
06 – Take Another Picture
07 – Night Shift (Night Shift OST)
08 – Eye To Eye
09 – Talk To Me
10 – Don’t Be Lonely (Fast Times at Ridgemont High OST)
11 – Make It Shine (The Gremlins OST)
12 – Walking On Ice

Rindy Ross – Vocals
Jack Charles – Guitars, Vocals
Marv Ross – Guitars
Rick Digiallonardo – Keyboards
Rich Gooch – Bass
Brian David Williams – Drums
Paulinho da Costa – Percussion
Tommy Funderburk, Timothy B. Schmit, Tom Kelly – Backing Vocals



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  1. old dude says:

    what’s so “exclusive” about this? i’ve had this since 1997!

  2. David says:

    Reminds me how much I loved this band. Are the complete first two albums around anyplace?

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