SHOTGUN ALLEY – Shotgun Alley [reissue +6]


SHOTGUN ALLEY formed mid 2009 in New Zealand – an atypical land for Melodic Hard Rock – but trust me, these guys know how to rock in the best ’80s tradition. Some of Shotgun Alley’s members have Maori forefathers, but they music is awesomely based on pure ’80s Arena Rock plenty of killer choruses and soaring melodies.
At the time of this release, they already completed various New Zealand & Australian tours and opened for Alice Cooper, Steel Panther and Def Leppard among others.

The bulk of the music for their debut album “Shotgun Alley” was recorded in Los Angeles, then finished in Auckland, produced, mixed & mastered by keyboardist Jimmy Wong.
This is an extremely polished, luxurious collection of terrific catchy tunes with huge guitars, bombastic drums, punchy keyboards, excellent lead and backing vocals and an enviable catchiness.
Honestly, I can’t find a sole track in this debut that does not oozes quality.

Songs as the irresistible foot-tapping “Want This”, “Give It All Up For Rock”, “Walk Away” or “Look At Me Now” are simply marvelous examples of pure Stadium Rock, spotting huge, I mean HUGE choruses and stabbing guitar attack.
“Waiting To Fly” is just a perfect combination of hard hot riffs, monster backing vocals and a melody to die for. A perfect Hard Rock tune. Believe me: Perfect.

And next they deliver the incredible “Suicide Boulevard”… what were they thinking? A killer one after a killer one? This is too much… no wait.. thanks guys!… this is a heavenly pleasure.
Shotgun Alley may recall Def Leppard or they neighbors White Widdow, but they’re even more impactful, melodious and fun.

The band is able to write awesome midtempo ballads as well, as the ready-for-radio “Eventually” and “Heart Like Glass”, or synth filled pure melodic rockers such as “I Came Here To Love You”.
I can’t recommend you Shotgun Alley enough.
This is the kind of Arena / Stadium Melodic Hard Rock we love; catchy, melodious, polished yet punchy… just AWESOME with capitals.
As said, I can’t find a failure here, this is simply an outstanding disc – a Hit after Hit.


01 – Universe
02 – Want This
03 – Walk Away
04 – Give It All Up for Rock
05 – Eventually
06 – Look at Me Now
07 – I Came Here to Love You
08 – Waiting to Fly
09 – Suicide Boulevard
10 – Heart Like Glass
11 – All We Know
12 – Can’t Stop This
13 – Eventually (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
14 – Heart Like Glass (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
15 – Want This (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
16 – Walk Away (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
17 – Give It All Up for Rock (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
18 – Look at Me Now (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]



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