SHOTGUN ALLEY – Damnation (2012)

SHOTGUN ALLEY - Damnation (2012)


On the previous post we have presented SHOTGUN ALLEY’s debut.

Now they are are ready for a second shot of Melodic Hard Rock with a new CD to be released in October.

As appetizer, Shotgun Alley are distributing promotional material from the upcoming album, entitled “Damnation EP”, but in fact is almost a full length as it includes 8 tracks.

Now based in Los Angeles and with new drummer, Shotgun Alley continue with their trademark stadium Melodic Hard Rock now spiced with some modern sounds but firmly planted in the Sunset Strip ’80s / ’90s style.

The fun is still here, full of huge guitars, choruses and melodies.

I can’t help, but again I love all the tunes, from the party hard rocker “Nitro-Dan”, the awesome Def Leppard-like midtempo ballad “Ray Of Light” to the awesome epicness of “The Dream” (terrific track).

If you have tasted Shotgun Alley’s self-titled (and I strongly urge you to do it) you can’t pass this “Damnation EP”.

Shotgun Alley rocks!


01 – Damnation

02 – Nitro-Dan

03 – Scapegoat

04 – Ray Of Light

05 – Zombies

06 – The Dream

07 – The Truth

08 – The Stroke (Billy Squier cover)

Mark Falcon – Vocals

Jimmy Wong – Keyboards

Josh Grant Betty – Bass

Bahador Borhani – Guitar

Davie Love – Guitar

Karl Woodhams – Drums

Released date TBA

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