LOVE N’ REVENGE (Damon Kelly) – Revenge N’ Love (CD version)

LOVE N' REVENGE (Damon Kelly) - Revenge N' Love (CD version) full

Fronted by talented singer/guitarist Damon Kelly, Canadian rockers Rockarma released two wonderful Melodic Hard Rock records. Early the past decade Kelly formed this new outfit called LOVE N’ REVENGE and while their debut CD “Revenge N’ Love” may have been recorded in this current century, listening to it you think still is 1989.
The superb Eighties-trademark melodies, the heavenly hooks, the impressive harmonic chants made up one solid disc that I guarantee will stuck in your player regularly.
Produced by Vic Rivera (Adriangale) and mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) you know how “Revenge N’ Love” sounds: crystal clear and extremely melodic.

Love N’ Revenge it’s a Damon Kelly’s baby, and obviously, has many things in common with Rockarma, but where his previous band was a bit hard rock at times, this one is pure US melodic hard rock.
It’s all great stuff with highlights like the kickin’ “It’s Rock & Roll”, the catchy “Get This Sucker Started” or the absolute killer “Ready To Go”. All of them have an exciting and euphoric tones, big potential to score top-chart position back in the late ’80s heyday of the genre. But all the rest are also very good with hardly any filler at all (perhaps the dirty “Chicks Dig Rock ‘N’ Roll” is a bit pedestrian).

“Get Me Outta This Hole” sounds like an unreleased Damn Yankees cut and one of the more groovy numbers here, “Breathe” blows a clear Firehouse air, then “Suffocation” has Danger Danger written over it. DD’s Ted Poley produced some tracks on the album as well, and you can note his touch.

More quality harmonies are delivered by ultra-melodic “Don’t Walk Away” (’80s Harem Scarem vibe), “Rest Of Time” is just terrific (with an AOR flirt) while the thick guitar riff of “I Like It” bring to mind Adriangale, not strange with Vic Rivera behind the desk.
Then “Roxy Roller” is an excellent glammy cover of the cult song composed by Nick Gilder for his band Sweeney Todd in the Seventies, which became a No. 1 hit in Canada. Great tune with great swagger.
“Long Way To Rock” ends the record in full groove and with some awesome, long and kickin’ sustained guitar solos.

“Revenge N’ Love” is an awesome, pure late ’80s American Melodic Hard record with all the magic ingredients of that era. Damon Kelly write really good songs with catchy choruses, and the musicianship / production are top notch. As far we know, most the instruments were played by Vic Rivera, though the band members are listed as performers.
This physical CD is not easy to find. Additionally, the digital download version is pretty damaged with cuts / skips on some tracks.
Otherwise, “Revenge N’ Love” is killer MHR album, one very, very highly recommended by this blog.


01 – It’s Rock & Roll
02 – Get This Sucker Started
03 – Chicks Dig Rock ‘N’ Roll
04 – Roxy Roller
05 – Get Me Outta This Hole
06 – Breathe
07 – I Like It
08 – Ready To Go
09 – Can’t Save Me
10 – Rest Of Time
11 – Don’t Walk Away
12 – Suffocation
13 – Long Way To Rock

Damon Kelly – All Lead Vocals, Guitar
Staffan Osterlind – Guitars, Vocals
Tommy John – Drums, Vocals
Johny Shandruk – Foh Engineer
John Lisi – Bass, Guitar
Vic Rivera – Drums, Bass, Background Vocals


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