ROCKSTAR FRAME – Stand Up… Jump ‘N’ Fly (2021)

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Sometimes you have to take a step back tou your roots before taking a step forward in your career, which is exactly the case with Milan, Italy-based Rock N’ Roll / Hard Rock outfit ROCKSTAR FRAME, or RSF if you prefer. After two albums and few successful international tours, the band fell apart due to irremediable conflicts and internal problems, putting a huge interrogation mark in the future of RSF.
However, in 2019 the band’s founder and drummer Max Klein re-designed their sound with the help of newcomers Leonard F. Guillan on vocals, Ian Darrell on the guitars and Ronam Destefani on bass, taking a journey back to ’80s Glam Metal / Hard Rock and crafting the most honest and vibrant music you can think of, culminating with the release in their rocking new album entitled ”Stand up… Jump ’n’ Fly”, a mix of Dr. Feelgood-era Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, KISS and more.

Compared to the often clunky keyboard tainted modern rock sounds of the band’s first two albums, ”Stand Up…Jump ‘N’ Fly” finds Rockstar Frame version 2021 pouring out a mid-’80s hard rock boot down groove along the lines of Dr. Feelgood era Mötley Crüe.
While seemingly awkward in spots, a full listen through makes it obvious that Klein and his new rock gang were going for something more than just the obvious.
Along with Destefani, the drummer fills in the bottom end fully giving guitarist Darrell tons of space to slide right on in and thicken in the spaces occasionally dipping out to rip a choice solo or two.

Even with one less musician, this version of Rockstar Frame delivers a fuller, more solid sound and it works perfectly to their benefit creating a mix of melody and in your face hard rock strong enough to carry Guillan‘s powerful pipes.
Lyrical construction may still be the band’s weak point but on Rockstar Frame‘s latest, the frontman makes it work and through the sheer intensity of most of the tunes, the power and energy nearly makes it tough to notice the simple vocal lines and accent.

Musically, ”Stand Up….Jump ‘N’ Fly” seems to flex an unusual mix of influences that create an overall sound landing somewhere between ’80s hair metal and more recent European sleaze rock.
On the older end, songs like “Is Not The End,” and “Like A Monster” invite comparisons to the bass-driven dark thump of Dr. Feelgood era Mötley Crüe, while “Ready To Go,” and “One In A Million” veer into classic Scorpions territory ala Blackout.
“Hypnotized Fools,” “Hey Man!” and “Break Me Down” take a page from the more melodic anthemic side of ’70s shock rock ala KISS and Alice Cooper as well as the glam from the era.

”Stand Up…. Jump ‘N’ Fly” is a uniquely cool rock n’ roll record delivering a punchy sound rolling around in a messy bed of ’80s hair / glam metal, classic metal, and millennium age Euro-sleaze.
It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and a fun, feel-good collection of songs for these troubled times.


01 – Is Not the End
02 – Get on My Knees
03 – Hey Man!
04 – Ready to Go
05 – Hypnotized Fools
06 – Beyond the Fear
07 – Golden Dreams
08 – Break Me Down
09 – One in a Million
10 – Halloween Night
11 – Like a Monster
12 – Sunshine in the Dark

Leonard F. Guillan – vocals
Ian Darrell – guitar
Ronam Destefani – bass
Max Klein – drums



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