SIGGI SCHWARZ – The Fire Inside (2021)

SIGGI SCHWARZ - The Fire Inside (2021) full

German SIGGI SCHWARZ is another of those tremendous guitarists who, upon first hearing his name, most people answer with a simple, who? However, Schwarz is a respectable guitarist and has worked over the years, either in the studio or on stage, with some greats like Michael Schenker, Steve Lukather (Toto), Bernie Marsden, Leslie West (Mountain), Billy Gibbons, etc.
Anyone expecting a typical Germanic metal guitar fest on Schwarz new album “The Fire Inside” will be surprised by the fifteen hard but melodic rock songs on this album that screams American influences.
Much of this is down to New York singer and US Army Veteran, Dave Schaefer, and his Native American roots (he is Cherokee, how cool is that?) are perfectly expressed on the opening track which starts almost with tribal chants before kicking into straight forward melodic rock and roll.

Schwarz’s heart is on fire for rock n’ roll, and the new album ‘The Fire Inside’ ignites this long-term love once more. A total of 15 songs – all short and effective rockers – have found a spot on the longplayer, songs that live by Schwarz’s guitar performance with Schaefer adding some extra soul. The two have written together on ‘The Fire Inside’, and the result is something to be proud of.

Beyond trends and hypes, the two, together with Benni Jud and Bene Neuner, deliver a classic rock album that easily persuade with songs like the galloping ‘B-Boogie’ or ‘Rockin’ through the night’. Siggi is at his best when he rocks straight out of the gate, as he does on ‘Give It to Me’.

‘The Fire Inside’ is very easy to recommend; if you dig well done, authentic, honest and solid classic rock / hard rock without trickery or experiment, this is a lot of fun.


01. Spend the night with me
02. Activated
03. Badass
04. Give it to me
05. Lockdown love
06. Cheap love
07. Daydreamer
08. Get together
09. Rockin’ through the night
10. Burning out
11. Love is a wave
12. B-Boogie
13. Simple life
14. You know better
15. Super hyperactive boy

Siggi Schwarz – Guitars
Dave Schaefer – Vocals
Benni Jud – Bass
Bene Neuner – Drums


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