SILVERNITE – Silvernite (2021) + So It Began (2019)

SILVERNITE - Silvernite (2021) + So It Began (2019) full

Greece is fertile land for AOR, especially ’80s inspired music. And we have here another exponent; SILVERNITE, a band for all retro lovers. Three musicians decided to let loose their inner kids and travel to another spacetime.
We already featured here SILVERNITE’s first work, the EP ‘So It Began’, some kind of the beginning of a story now fully developed into the band’s full length debut “Silvernite“.
Female vocalist Tanja Härkönen, guitarist Thanos G. and mastermind Strutter (various instruments) put together their passion for old-school synths, double lead guitar, melodic vocal lines, comics, walkmans, cassettes, roller skating, big sunglasses… etc.

Mixing hard rock swirling guitar solos, melodic AOR vocals and retro synthwave keyboards, Silvernite takes you to a world of fantasy.
The concept resume like this:
“It’s the year 2022. Humankind has lost the war with the savage alien race of Urish. The only hope for the remaining people is to escape Earth with the top secret spaceship Aerof and start a new life in a fortress on Venus.
There is still hope…
Three children that were born on the spaceship will grow up to break the chains of destiny and take revenge under the flag of Silvernite.”

Inspired by all the Eighties culture (opener ‘Ti Hypermaho Anthem’ has a nod to Top Gun soundtrack, and one song is titled ‘Iron Eagle’) including ’80s anime / cartoon music – many of these composed & performed by well known AOR / hard rock musicians back in the day – SILVERNITE adds a rocking nerve via strong guitar riffs and solos.
All songs feature the varied vocal styles of Tanja Härkönen, lots of classic ’80s synths, and that retro-production sound we all love.

There’s a complete ’80s experience, as the album not only will be available cassette but the band will be releasing a comic book as well.
Very cool stuff, retro fresh 80s with charming melodies.
Highly Recommended


Silvernite (2021):
01 – Ti Hypermaho (Anthem)
02 – Silvernite
03 – Raise Your Hands
04 – Desperate Dreams
05 – True Survivor
06 – Angel Of The City
07 – Danger Zone
08 – Honestly
09 – Broken Heart
10 – Iron Eagle
11 – Ti Hypermaho (The Hymn)


So It Began (2019):
01 – Colt Has Fallen. Run… Run…
02 – Sweet Mary
03 – Cry for Love
04 – Lost in Your Eyes
05 – We Will Be Back

Tanja Härkönen – Vocals
Strutter – Synths, Bass, Backing vocals
Nash G. – Guitars
Minas Chatziminas – Drums
Additional musicians:
Dean Mess: Backing vocals
Jimmy Tott: Backing vocals
Artem Zhulyev: Saxophone
Ashton Layne: Voice over



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