A.C.T – Heatwave [Japan Edition +1] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

A.C.T - Heatwave [Japan Edition +1] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Here we have in exclusive the Japanese edition of Swedes A.C.T new album “Heatwave“, including a bonus track. Easily one of the most interesting and complete bands from Scandinavia combining Prog, Melodic Hard and AOR, on this new CD as always, A.C.T take the listener on a journey through different time signatures, catchy hooks, magnificent choruses, surprisingly arrangements and gorgeous melodies.

The atmospheric ‘Intro’ leads to the first track ‘Checked Out’, and an ever so typical A.C.T. sound, tight rhythm section, punchy and upbeat melodic guitar, bass and keys, quickly followed by those classic vocals, sweet harmonies and cleverly intricate interplay, breaks, twists and turns. Just like they’ve never been away.
Which they haven’t – we’ve just lost sight of them. They pack a lot into their songs. And just wait for the guitar break and keyboard interaction…. Such snappy chops, so intense, rhythmically complex, and yet intensely melodic. How quickly can five minutes go, for goodness sake?
There’s still that SAGA vibe in A.C.T music – but don’t hang your hat on that one. This band has it’s unique style and personality.

‘Brother’ displays an intense depth, five/four rhythms somehow waltzing effortlessly as they glide through jaunty verses to a plaintive, dark chorus. And then ‘Dark Clouds’ has such an epic intro going into an emotionally vulnerable section and achingly beautiful chorus, it dawns on you how these guys have developed a depth and maturity that rips into your emotions at will.

Title track ‘Heatwave’ has it all – glorious quirky melodic rock sensibilities, serious prog credibility as you try to follow their kaleidosopic workouts, and a great sense of drama to boot.
With ‘The Breakout’, the band reinforce all the above with classic intensity, a slightly retro atmosphere and diverse soundscape, taking you on one final musical rollercoaster ride. This time round, they take more time to develop mood and motion, giving you breathing space to recap and marvel at their prowess, their ability to pull those melodies and harmonies out of nowhere, and hearing them throwing out riffs at will, but being tighter as the proverbial duck’s bottom.

If you’ve not heard A.C.T before, you won’t go wrong with this one. If you have, look forward to their signature sound with increased maturity and depth whilst still displaying fun and frolic.
This is a band that needs major exposure (they are quite big in Japan) and one of the best you can find out there.
Simply put, A.C.T is awesome.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Marquee / Avalon ~ 【MICP-11602】

01 – Intro
02 – Checked Out
03 – Brother
04 – Dark Clouds
05 – Heatwave
06 – The Breakup
07 – The Ruler Of The World (Live)

Herman Saming (Vocals)
Jerry Sahlin (Keyboards)
Ola Andersson (Guitar)
Peter Asp (Bass)
Thomas Lejon (Drums)



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