SUZI QUATRO – The Devil In Me [Japan SHM-CD +2] (2021)

SUZI QUATRO - The Devil In Me [Japan SHM-CD +2] (2021) full

The inimitable, the unstoppable, the legendary SUZI QUATRO has dug deep into her rock ‘n roll soul for her new record, ”The Devil In Me” — and what a record it is.
”The Devil In Me” finds Quatro going back to her 70s roots, plugging in, and doing what she does best: rocking.
If I didn’t know this was a record released in 2021, I’d swear this was Quatro circa her heyday, it’s that goddamn good — in fact, it’s gold.

I’m continually shocked how talented and under the radar Suzi Quatro is. She’s a legitimate icon and yet we don’t talk about her or mention her as much as we should.
On ”The Devil In Me”, she drops a track like “My Heart and Soul,” a Christmas song, and then switches up with the fiery rocker “Motor City Riders” — who does that?
And yet it all works because this is the blood that flows through her veins. This is natural for her.

Let’s talk about these two tracks for a moment. If you didn’t know my “My Heart and Soul” was written and performed in the present, you’d swear it was something circa late 60s/early 70s from the Motown scene.
“Motor City Riders” is a bluesy track that equally channels notions of The Bay City Rollers and Elton John. It’s equal parts pop and rock, constantly riding a hard edge and kicking ass every step of the way.

A lot of modern-day rock bands have tried to steal her musical blueprint but failed because they didn’t live through this era; they didn’t record then, but Quatro did, and that’s key.
”The Devil In Me” pulls from her 57 years of making music and performing live, and this album is a PhD class in how to make rock ‘n roll the right way.

This is one of the best records Quatro has made, and a must-buy if you like TRUE Classic Rock. She’s a powerhouse performer and her voice sounds better than ever.


01 – The Devil In Me
02 – Hey Queenie
03 – Betty Who? (feat. Cherie Currie)
04 – You Can’t Dream It
05 – My Heart and Soul (Long Version)
06 – Get Outta Jail
07 – Do Ya Dance
08 – Isolation Blues
09 – I Sold My Soul Today
10 – Love’s Gone Bad
11 – In the Dark
12 – Motor City Riders
13 – Can I Be Your Girl
14 – Desperado [Eagles Cover]



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