FARCRY – Balance (2021)

FARCRY - Balance (2021) full

After two critically acclaimed albums, Northeastern US rockers FARCRY dissolved in 2013. But founder guitarist Pete Fry resurrected the band with a refreshed line up and they are back 2021 with new album ”Balance”, released by AOR Heaven Records.
Faithful to FARCRY’s origins, the new material still is very melodic hard rock oriented yet more punchy, straight-forward, less keyboard filled and more guitar driven than before. ”Balance” makes justice to its title, melodic and at the same time powerful hard rockin’.
There’s lots of hooklines as well as quite versatile and mature songwriting. Just check out the hook-driven tracks “Stay Away“ and “Long Distance Love Affair“ for a first impression, or the emotional “I’ll Find A Way“ and “Chasing Rainbows“, too.
Definitely one of the best records recently hailing from America in the given genre.

FarCry formed in 2006, delivering two successful albums in the form of High Gear (2009), and Optimism (2011). Playing across the US and as far away as the Nottingham, England for Firefest in 2012, FarCry has shared the stage with numerous acts including Vince Neil, Brett Michaels, Dokken, Firehouse, Danger Danger, and many more with a killer live set. Shortly after they completed their 2011 release “Optimism”, vocalist Mark Giovi left the band for personal reasons and later in 2011 the remaining members began working on new material with a new vocalist, as well as playing several live shows throughout 2012-2013.

In 2013 with a number of other business endeavors to deal with, Pete Fry dissolved the band indefinitely with no plans to reform under that name.
After a couple of years however, Pete teamed up with new vocalist Bob Malone and started writing material with a vengeance for a new melodic rock project.
With the new songs coming fast and furious, and overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding bringing back the name FarCry, Pete agreed that maybe the band’s story wasn’t finished being written just yet…

Bringing everyone back into the fold wasn’t as easy as they had hoped, so a new rhythm section was brought in with Leo Sabatino on bass and Rich Yaniro on drums. Rounding it out and adding the power, Jon Giesler (guitar) joined the band and completed the picture.

With roots firmly planted in the late 80’s / early 90’s heyday of commercial hard rock, FarCry puts their own unique spin on the sounds of that era without sounding dated. “Balance” was recorded throughout 2019-2020, produced by the band, and mixed by Paul Crook (Meatloaf, Anthrax).
As said, this is updated melodic hard rock, pretty edgy at places, catchy n’ hooky.
Highly Recommended


01 – Balance
02 – Stay Away
03 – I’ll Find a Way
04 – I Am Your Man
05 – Reaper
06 – Broken Dreams
07 – Long Distance Love Affair
08 – Mr. Destiny
09 – Chasing Rainbows
10 – Redemption

Bob Malone – vocals
Pete Fry – lead guitars
Jon Giesler – guitars
Leo Sabatino – bass
Rich Yaniro – drums
Eric Ragno – guest keyboards


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