IVY GOLD – Six Dusty Winds (2021)

IVY GOLD - Six Dusty Winds (2021) full

Pandemic has changed most of our habits, work, and the way we do our daily things. Remote work or study has become the “new normal”. In 2020, also in music, this approach yielded several fruits via “collabs” or online live shows.
The upside is that music, specifically classic rock sub-genres, still remains being written and played, no matter how hurdles are getting harder, or how physically distant the members of the group are.
That’s the context where IVY GOLD chose (or was pushed to) to put their first full-length album out, ”Six Dusty Winds”. Ivy Gold is a “multi-flag” band formed by young female vocalist Manou, Tal Bergman (Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol) on drums and bass player Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush) from the USA, together with Sebastian Eder (Avalon) on guitars from Germany, and keyboard player Anders Olinder (Glenn Hughes) from the UK.

The first song is “Face Of Deceit”, an original bluesy rockin’ track with intricate parts and sensational work by the guitars and keys. “This Is My Time” has nice riffs, arrangements, and a solo. In “Retribution”, the organ and choirs contribute decisively to the dark climate, also with a finger-style guitar and marked vocals.
“Believe” highlights the rhythmic section of the band, with paced drum beats and bass lines. This song also has sublime keys and guitar solos.

Manou’s vocals fit perfectly in the self-titled track, giving power and smoothness at the same time, while the rest of the band fill out the background like a blank canvas. The blues rock approach is back with “Suspicion”, starting with a tricky guitar solo over organ base.
“Shine On” is a slow-paced songwriting, a refined melody with meaningful lyrics. “We Are One” starts with a powerful guitar riff continuing as a flawless group job on the parts until reaching a skillful drum and bass interlude.

“Without You” is a kind of a smoke & haze tune where Manou sings emotively. One of the highlights is Olinder’s middle organ solo and the “relaxed” snare hit that Bergman delivers in the end.
Then the sensual vocal phrasing and unusual chord progression explored in “Born Again” contributed decisively to the mood of the song.

Throughout the songs of ”Six Dusty Winds” Ivy Gold got to keep their unison approach and personality. It’s a band that starts far beyond the take-off, thanks to the expertise and the long road traveled by its members.
Definitely, they managed to record a very strong debut album, and we expect to see Ivy Gold hitting stages around the world soon.
Highly Recommended


01 – Face of Deceit
02 – This Is My Time
03 – Retribution
04 – Believe
05 – Six Dusty Winds
06 – Suspicion
07 – Shine On
08 – We Are One
09 – Without You
10 – Born Again

Manou – Vocals
Sebastian Eder (Avalon) – Guitar
Tal Bergman (Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol) – Drums
Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush) – Bass
Anders Olinder (Glenn Hughes) – Keyboards



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