REACH – The Promise Of A Life (2021)

REACH - The Promise Of A Life (2021) full

Founded in Stockholm in 2012 by Ludvig Turner (vocals, guitars), Marcus Johansson (drums), and now including AORsters Houston bassist Soufian Ma´Aoui on bass, REACH have released two albums prior to this new effort released today titled “The Promise Of A Life“.
The band has been produced by Jona Tee (H.E.A.T) and the connection doesn’t ends there as REACH have played their native Sweden with H.E.A.T in February last year, plus they are due to support H.E.A.T on their European tour due later this year.
REACH have been expanding their melodic rock style since the previous CD, and “The Promise Of A Life” confirms that adding new textures, new sounds, and a varied songwriting approach.

They start the album off with a bit of whistling on ‘New Frontier’, a big, OTT modern rocker, which is quickly followed by ‘The Law’. This song provides another dose of heaviness meets modern pomp – some kind of vintage QUEEN meets modern JONO.
Then, just when you think you have the measure of Reach up pops ‘Young Again’ which sounds uncannily like Panic! At The Disco at times. Wonderful music and the album keeps on giving as ‘Satellite’ has that modern melodic rock sound of H.E.A.T

‘Higher Ground’ is a quirky beast, full of ebbs and flows, a full on rocking breakdown part and a soaring chorus. Reminded me a little of A.C.T. another band who like to pomp it up.
‘Motherland’ also sees the band reach for their musical limits, pooling together all sorts of musical influences to create an album stand out.

Ludvig Turner can certainly hit those falsetto notes, which along with the band’s love of pushing musical ideas to the nth degree, means it won’t be for everyone.
However, if you like the OTT and pomp of QUEEN, JONO, A.C.T, mixed with melodic rock & power pop, REACH are perfect for you and your album collection. This is a very impressive album in terms of innovation, with an excellent production. And very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended


01 – New Frontier
02 – The Law
03 – Young Again
04 – Satellite
05 – Motherland
06 – The Seventh Seal
07 – Higher Ground
08 – Cover My traces
09 – The Streets
10 – Promise of a Life

Ludvig Turner – vocals, guitar
Marcus Johansson – drums
Soufian Ma´Aoui (Houston) – bass



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