DIAMANTE – American Dream (2021)

DIAMANTE - American Dream (2021) full

The shiny new album ”American Dream”, due out May 7 from the Boston-raised, Los Angeles-based rocker DIAMANTE, fits snugly between Top 40s and ’80s radio-rock / hard rock revival; it’s no surprise she’s conquered the curren Sunset Strip scene, toured extensively with bands like Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown, and gained the attention of Howard Benson (Halestorm) who produced her full-length debut.
With the release of her first album, Diamante stormed the scene in 2018 with a #1 song at rock radio, along with a top 15 song with her own single “Haunted.”
Now, with a strong spark behind her, Diamante welcomes her pristine, adrenalized, 11-track sophomore record as an independent artist again with the support of Benson.

Conceptually, ”American Dream” touches on personal struggles and authentic experiences that have universal appeal and relatability, which pair nicely with the mainstream, radio-friendly nature of the album.
The title track opens the album at full throttle (literally, with revving engines). The CD maintains its high-octane intensity throughout, and even the balladic songs are packed with an energetic punch that propels the release forward.
Highlight tracks include fiery ’80s influenced “Ghost Myself,” sultry “Obvious,” piercing “Unfuck You,” and vulnerable “Serves Your Right.”

There’s a nice level of grit and toughness to Diamante’s music (and voice) that gives her a quickly identifiable sound. There’s no shortage of rock attitude and Sunset Strip vibes all over, alongside modern rock&pop sounds.
Each of the tracks moves a certain way, from hard rocking cuts to energetic bits of pop to moving ballads – Diamante covers all of the bases and does so with style.
”American Dream” is a fun, Summer-ready melodic and modern rocking album to crank with the windows down.


01 – American Dream
02 – Ghost Myself
03 – Serves You Right
04 – Obvious
05 – Unlovable
06 – Wake Up Call
07 – UnFuCk YoU
08 – I Love Myself for Hating You
09 – Iris (feat Breaking Benjamin)
10 – Hopeless
11 – Obvious (Acoustic)


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