LONG GONE – Long Gone [1987-1991] Demon Doll remastered reissue + 0dayrox extras

LONG GONE - Long Gone [1987-1991] Demon Doll remastered reissue + 0dayrox extras full

Some days ago we featured here MITCH PERRY’s album Better Late Than Never featuring future L.A. Guns vocalist Ralph Saenz. Here’s another fulfilled request with other band formed by Saenz in the ’80s: LONG GONE.
This is the collection of songs the band professionally recorded back in the day, remastered from the original tapes obtaining a superb sound quality. “Long Gone” delivers pure late ’80s US melodic hard rock / hair metal, all very good songs, catchy and very well produced.
As extra, we added some LONG GONE demos from the era.

The album certainly does not disappoint from start to finish with the should-have-been radio smash track “Higher” as well as the uptempo infectious melodic glammy rockers “Sticky Situation” and “Sister Red Light”.
LONG GONE also offer a stellar power ballad in “Good Bye Sweet Love” which might have turned Bon Jovi green with envy after a few listens.
Based on Saenz and what he has done in the past and what he is currently doing in the present, this release is most definitely a part of the ’80s history and belongs to every melodic hard rock addict’s collection.


01 – Higher
02 – Sticky Situation
03 – Good Bye Sweet Love
04 – Sister Red Light
05 – Every Little Thing
06 – Sometimes
0dayrox extras:
07 – Higher (Demo version)
08 – Every Little Thing (Demo version)
09 – Sister Red Light (Demo version)

Ralph Saenz – vocals
Manny Alvarez – guitars, backing vocals
Tom Ruffin – bass, backing vocals
Ray Grden – drums



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