TimeCop1983 – Faded Touch (2021)

TimeCop1983 - Faded Touch (2021) full

We already featured here an album from TimeCop1983, a Dutch musician / producer considered one of the first, forerunner artists of the retro ’80s / synthwave movement. Now he has joined reputed vocalist Josh Dally to co-write more proper rock&pop songs and they are delivering their new album “Faded Touch”.
This beautifully nostalgic album is catchy and heartfelt, pumping out what may be Timecop1983’s most moving album to date, combining the ’80s arcade video-game culture and Miami Vice incidental music with radio-ready rock&pop / lite AOR.
Emotive music that takes you back to a lovely era and it’s like a soundtrack to your memories.

Timecop1983 aka Jordy Leenaerts has been busy lately, more and more requested by the industry having recorded sountracks for various films including major productions like DC’s “Legends Of Tomorrow” and Netflix’s “Lucifer”, and he has done several contributions for videogames. Additionally, he has toured all over Europe before the pandemic.

Now it was time to try something new, and his association with Josh Dally works like a charm; alongside ‘dreamwave synth runs’ we have here ‘real’ songs, songs with that 80s feeling so hard to capture.
This album feels particularly passionate and profound, even compared to other Timecop1983 albums. That makes perfect sense, considering it was created at least partially during the pandemic lockdowns. “Faded Touch” deals with themes of heartbreak, regret, and perhaps most telling – loneliness.
Several tracks on the album directly reference failing or unhealthy relationships, and one track is even simply titled “Alone.”

All of these sentimental themes combine perfectly with the experienced vocals of Dally and some truly top-notch synthwork from Leenaerts, and make for one of the most memorable releases in this genre we’ve heard recently.
“Faded Touch” is a plaintive mix of synthwave, dreamwave, and synthpop that blends together to form a remarkable release.

But, it isn’t all heartbreak. There are certainly more upbeat anthemic tracks on “Faded Touch” too. Cuts like “One Night” and “Chemical” really help break up some of the wistful elements of the album. The instrumental tracks also deliver well with some very interesting and instantly memorable melodies.

Overall, “Faded Touch” is a beautiful album, partly created during a tumultuous time in history. The album reflects that through the lens of nostalgia and loneliness, creating a sense of lachrymose longing that pairs well with the synthwave aesthetic.
If you like to travel and dream with a retro, poppy, melodic lite AOR soundtrack… “Faded Touch” is for you. Holding on to the 80s memories!


01 – Holding on to the Memories
02 – Falling
03 – Emotions
04 – Feel the Same
05 – Moments in Time
06 – One Night
07 – New Beginnings
08 – Forever
09 – Chemical
10 – Alone
11 – Did You Move on?

Timecop1983 – all instruments
Josh Dally – lead & backing vocals
Written, Performed & Mixed by Timecop1983 and Josh Dally



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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    a wonderful album…stretching into territory previously occupied by “The Midnight ” …… AOR lite soundscapes, with that essential melancholy…awesome

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