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PROUD - Fire Breaks The Dawn [Japan CD reissue] full

After the new, second album of Swedes PROUD after 37 years just released, many of you asked for the band’s debut, 1984’s ”Fire Breaks The Dawn”. The album became very hard to find over the years, and never was remastered. There’s a digital only version available on streaming sites but sound quality is poor.
However this Japanese CD Edition from 1995 sounds million bucks, and it’s the best you can get from this fine, ‘lost’ album.
On ”Fire Breaks The Dawn” PROUD mix the NWOBHM driving riffs with a melodic hard attack including keys from the mid-80s Scandinavian scene. Songwriting is very good, and while production could be bigger, it has the magic from the era.

Despite of being released by EMI, ”Fire Breaks The Dawn” and PROUD were quite unknown in Europe / America, but the album / LP sold well in Japan.
It has all the elements which make mid-80s Euro melodic metal / hard rock such a fascinating and mesmerizing period. Blending appropriately used keyboards with solid guitar work and youthful strong vocals, PROUD created an interesting alloy here.

As many album from this genre, its strength lies in the guitar riffs which are always fetching melodic grace and catapulting the songs above average. “Star Fighter” is your average mid-paced metal anthem on its surface, but the classical tapping before the chorus and the beautiful brief lead bursts are what drive the track.
“Echoes from the Past” moves at a bluesy, shuffling trot, and once again during the chorus a new guitar melody breaks forth and transforms the song.

“United World” starts at awesome with some slower guitars almost like a nation hymn, then a dirty ‘eavy metal riff with some descending, moody octave chords. The dual leads later in the song are excellent. “No Losers” has a mean but catchy groove to it, and again some wonderful guitar melodies with a neo-classical feel. The deep male choral vocals are also a nice touch.
The title track begins with some powerful acoustics, but this is no power ballad, as the majority of the track is verse chorus verse chorus metal.

“Dark Lady Forest” is one of the faster tracks here, and one of the best; its searing melodies part into pure 80s metal, and vocalist Anders Magnell shines as his voice elevates. “Crucified” once again delivers on the band’s classical influences for a gorgeous intro melody, another of the best tracks, and perhaps the most enduring.
The album closes with another of its strongest “Star of the Masquerade”, again dripping with gorgeous melodic leadwork. This song is a cult classic among 80s metalheads.

It’s unfortunate the band’s career was so brief, but at least they left a few of us with a positive memory. The album was re-issued on Old Metal records last year, so you may still be able to track it down if interested. Collectors and purists of the melodic 80s style when metal was pretty much just metal should find enjoyment with this.

One cannot deny how seriously PROUD took their metal which makes one wonder how this album never got better promotion from from EMI. Despite its major label status ”Fire Breaks The Dawn” is a rare and often elusive title making it an essential purchase when stumbled upon by fans of classic European metal of the 1980s.
Seems there’s a recent reissue by ‘Old Metal Records’ – we don’t know if legit or bootleg – but we can easily recommend this Japanese CD edition if you can find it at a decent price.
Collectors and purists of the melodic mid-80s style when metal was pretty much just metal should find enjoyment with this.
Highly Recommended


01 – Star Fighter
02 – Echoes from the Past
03 – United World
04 – No Losers
05 – Fire Breaks the Dawn
06 – Dark Lady Forest
07 – Crucified
08 – Star of the Masquerade

Anders Magnell – Vocals
Magnus Olson – Guitars
Peter Horvath – Guitars
Bobby Horvath – Bass
Anders Holmqvist – Drums


Out Of Print

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