TERAMAZE – Sorella Minore (2021)

TERAMAZE - Sorella Minore (2021) full

Favorites of this blog, TERAMAZE are Australia’s premier progressive rock band fronted by guitarist and band founder Dean Wells, alongside Chris Zoupa, Andrew Cameron and Nick Ross. They have been at the forefront of the progressive rock/metal scene in Australia for some time. The band saw great success and recognition after the release of critically acclaimed 2015 concept album ‘Her Halo’.
Now in 2021 Teramaze are set to deliver their most ambitious body of work to date. “Sorella Minore” is the 2nd installment of the “Her Halo” saga and it continues the tumultuous story of two sisters, and musically, this is just another brilliant piece of melodic progressive metal of the highest order.

Apart from Wells, “Sorella Minore” features 3 guest vocalists all hailing from Australia: Nathan Peachey, Silvio Massaro (Vanishing Point) & Jennifer Borg (Divine Ascension). Each singer added their own depth and unique flavours to each character in this 2nd part of the “Her Halo” story.

If you want some small idea of just how gigantic in scope this release is, simply look at the length of the title and first track on this album. Nearly 26 minutes long, to merely call ‘Sorella Minore’ an epic in no way accurately describes the wealth of imagination and skill involved in putting it together.
This is progressive story-telling on a level way above most others. Packed with deeply detailed and elaborate instrumentation backed up by an exceedingly talented group of vocalists. It’s a stunning track that is split into segments but not in an obvious way, each flowing from one to another and back and forth with such ease.
From minute 1 to minute 25, it will leave you mouth agape.

There are three other tracks with a song format on the album, all superb listens as well. ‘Stone’; mellow, heartfelt and exuding passion. ‘Take Your Shot’; energetic and animated with pop sensibilities even with the heavier guitar groove. ‘Between These Shadows’; a light and airy rock ballad to wrap things up in a positive way.

It all comes back to the title track though. Even as the album comes to an end, thoughts remain on that opener. The desire to hit play again is so strong. It’s an investment listen but one that is paid off to such a satisfying degree.
TERAMAZE continues being the leading force of the current Aussie progressive rock scene, and ”Sorella Minore” is a proof of that
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Sorella Minore
I . The Road
II . Locked Away
III . The Castle
IV . The Tyrant
V. Father
02. Stone
03. Take Your Shot
04. Between These Shadows

Dean Wells – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Andrew Cameron – Bass
Chris Zoupa – Guitars, Keys
Nick Ross – Drums
Nathan Peachey, Silvio Massaro, Jennifer Borg – Guest Vocals



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