V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases Spring 2021 – Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Spring 2021 - Vol.1 full

This Spring and the upcoming Summer promise to be seasons with great melodic hard rock / AOR releases. If we can find something positive from this horribly pandemic is that musicians had plenty of time to develop their musical ideas and polish / arrange their songs to detail.
Let’s go with the advances from the upcoming bands / albums to appear soon including Toby Hitchcock, Eclipse, the great Rough Cutt’s comeback, Styx, Heaven & Earth, Circus Of Rock (feat Johnny Gioeli), King Company and many more…

The new solo album by powerhouse singer Toby Hitchcock will be released next month. One of the most recognisable, powerful and charismatic voices on the current Melodic/AOR scene, the American vocalist is best known as the frontman of Pride Of Lions and has been the voice behind some of the best recent classics of the genre, reliably delivering passionate and outstanding performances time after time. We have 3 great advances from what promises to be a great new album.

Has there ever been a better time for Eclipse to unleash their catchiest crowd pleaser yet? while working on their new album, the band released the single ‘Saturday Night (Hallelujah)’. This furious fusion of Sunset Strip attitude and MTV-friendly sass combines the best of late 80s party rock with a timely message for the pandemic generation. “We’ll sleep when we’re dead,” screams frontman Eric Martensson and it’s easy to believe he really, really means it.
An impossibly addictive riff underpins a singalong classic that captures the very best of vintage Eclipse.

It finally happened; Rought Cutt featuring Paul Shortino has recorded their official third album. The album can be ordered now but seems there’s some delay to get the CD. We have 3 tracks from the new recording, one being an exclusive mix for promotion only. Stupendous songs from a band yhet hasn’t lost their unique style.

Legendary act Styx have released two tracks / singles from their newest CD ‘Crash of the Crown’, their new album to be released soon. One is the title track with the band’s characteristically epic fashion, combining dizzying keyboards, fluid guitar leads and heroic vocals across three movements. It’s the first song in Styx history to feature three lead singers, as James “JY” Young, Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan share vocal duties. Great stuff.


01 Toby Hitchcock – Forward
02 Toby Hitchcock – Before I Met You
03 Toby Hitchcock – Tonight Again
04 Eclipse – Saturday Night (Hallelujah)
05 Circus of Rock – Desperate Cry (feat Johnny Gioeli)
06 Rough Cutt – Bed Of Black Roses (album version)
07 Rough Cutt – Dive
08 Rough Cutt – Bed Of Black Roses [Radio Mix] (non album track)
09 Mark Peace Thomas & Bruce Kulick – Cruise Control (2021 Mix)
10 Mark Peace Thomas – Rock Star Delusion
11 Styx – Reveries
12 Styx – Crash Of The Crown
13 The Brave – Evie’s Little Garden
14 King Company – Trapped In Heart
15 Devils In Heaven – Liberation
16 Heaven & Earth – One in a Million Men


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