LeBROCK – Fuse [CD version +2] (2021)

LeBROCK - Fuse [CD version +2] (2021) full

Peterborough, UK melodic rock / AOR / synth ’80s wonders and favorites of this blog LeBROCK are back with their highly anticipated full-length album “Fuse“.
This new CD pulls together everything fans love about the band: irresistible catchy songwriting, compelling vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a pitch-perfect blend of melodic rock and throwback synths for a sound that is entirely their own.
These guy’s music is unique, where effervescent guitar chords coalesce with shimmering synth melodies behind unforgettable, stadium-size vocal performances. Plenty of feel-good anthems, “Fuse” is what we need for this Summer!

LeBrock’s sound elevates further with “Fuse” and continues their epic back catalogue with their melodic rock / pop / synthwave magic. This duo’s joyful retro keyboard sounds and crunching guitar tone are a match made in Heaven. It’s like Swedes HOUSTON meets British rockers VEGA.
Simply you can’t resist such fist pumping rhythms & lyrics where the guitar solos just creates such a thunderous vibe.
Enjoy it from start to end… with “Fuse”, the ’80s are just around the corner.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – All Or Nothing
02 – Heartstrings
03 – Interstellar
04 – Hollow
05 – Bright Lights
06 – Hangin’ On
07 – Takes All Night
08 – Synthetic
09 – In Time
10 – Rush
11 – Takes All Night (Dance With The Dead Remix)
12 – Heartstrings (Instrumental) [Bonus]
13 – Interstellar (Instrumental) [Bonus]

Written, performed and produced by
Michael Meadows & Shaun Phillips



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