BRANNON (feat. David Cagle) – Wish You Were Here (2021)

BRANNON (feat. David Cagle) - Wish You Were Here (2021) full

BRANNON consists of Los Angeles, CA based award-winning lyricist / guitarist Jonathon Brannon and highly respected Birmingham, AL based studio vocalist . You may recognize Cagle for his works with ex King Kobra JK Northrup. Well, both are present here, as Northrup is the producer of ”Wish You Were Here”, BRANNON’s new album.
Although a ‘late bloomer’ in regards to songwriting, lyricist Jonathon Brannon writes from the heart, crafting relatable & meaningful songs for the listener. Known for his soulful & passionate melodic rock vocals, David Cagle has shared his versatile talents with bands like LastWorld, Marty and the Bad Punch, Liberty n’ Justice, Silent Tiger, Northrup/Cagle, just to name a few.

”Wish You Were Here” is mostly acoustically driven by Jonathon Brannon’s fine taste in the arrangements, and where Cagle’s voice shine. He’s a terrific, versatile singer and this type of open songs gives room to his voice to soar.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ease Up
02 – Our Indifference
03 – Bleed
04 – There Is a Light
05 – Wherever You Are
06 – You’re Not Broken
07 – Postcards
08 – Walls
09 – Never Let You Go
10 – Wish You Were Here
11 – I Will Rise Up


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