BULLETBOYS – The Warner Albums 1988-1993 [HNE / Cherry Red 3xCD remastered + bonus] (2021)

BULLETBOYS - The Warner Albums 1988-1993 [HNE / Cherry Red 3xCD remastered + bonus] (2021) full

HNE / Cherry Red Records has released BULLETBOYSThe Warner Albums 1988-1993”, a complete collection of the Bulletboys’ Warner Records recordings fully remastered and including bonus tracks.
Ted Templeman, famed for his production work for Montrose, Doobie Brothers, but most notably Van Halen, took the band into the studio to oversee their 1988 self-titled debut (CD1), a successful slice of American hard rock / hair metal scoring the MTV hit ‘Smooth Up In Ya’ (US Hot 100 #71, US Mainstream Rock #23) and ‘For The Love Of Money’ (US Hot 100 #78, US Mainstream Rock #38).
In 1991, the band released “FreakShow” (CD2) perhaps their most consistent album, and despite most the bands of this ilk were dropped by major labels by 1993, Bulletboys manged to release their 3rd effort on Warner, titled “Za-Za” (CD3).

BulletBoys formed in Los Angeles in 1988, just in time to take full advantage of the hair metal and glam rock scene that was the rage of the clubs and bars of the Sunset Strip.
Signing to Warner Bros Records, with Marq Torien on lead vocals, Mick Sweda on guitar, Lonnie Vencent on bass and Jimmy D’Anda on drums, they had a good pedigree, having formed from the ashes of Carmine Appice’s King Kobra. Torien had even featured in an early line-up of Ratt.
The “BulletBoys” debut album was swiftly certified gold after selling half a million copies.

In 1991, the band released “FreakShow” (CD2). Once again, produced by Ted Templeman, the album is notable for the singles ‘THC Groove’, a cover of Tom Waits ‘Hang on St. Christopher’, plus a cover of J.B. Lenoir’s ‘Talk To Your Daughter’.
Also included as bonus track is a cover of rock classic ‘Rock Candy’, originally written and recorded by Ted Templeman protégés Montrose for their self-titled debut. BulletBoys’ version of ‘Rock Candy’ was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Wayne’s World”.

Their third and final album for Warner was 1993’s “Za-Za” (CD3). The last BulletBoys album to be produced by Ted Templeman, it was the first to feature only original songs, jointly credited to the band.
Music tastes had changed since the heady heyday of only five years earlier, with grunge sweeping away the hairspray and pop-metal acts so popular at the end of the 80s.

A comprehensive remastered collection from an underrated ’80s band which were much more than simply Van Halen clones as many critics described them. These guys are good, very good in their own right.


CD 1 – BULLETBOYS (1988) Remastered
01 – Hard as a Rock
02 – Smooth up In Ya
03 – Owed to Joe
04 – Shoot the Preacher Down
05 – For the Love of Money
06 – Kissin’ Kitty
07 – Hell On My Heels
08 – Crank Me Up
09 – Badlands
10 – F#9
11 – For the Love of Money (Radio Edit / Mix)

CD 2 – FREAKSHOW (1991) Remastered
01 – Hell Yeah!
02 – THC Groove
03 – Thrill That Kills
04 – Hang On St. Christopher
05 – Talk to Your Daughter
06 – Freakshow
07 – Goodgirl
08 – Do Me Raw
09 – Ripping Me
10 – Say Your Prayers
11 – O Me O My
12 – Huge
13 – Rock Candy (Wayne’s World Soundtrack)

CD 3 – ZA-ZA (1993) Remastered
01 – When Pigs Fly
02 – Slow and Easy
03 – The Rising
04 – Sing a Song
05 – Mine
06 – 1-800-Goodbye
07 – The Show
08 – For the Damned
09 – Laughing with the Dead
10 – Fess
11 – Crosstop

Marq Torien – lead vocals
Mick Sweda – guitar
Lonnie Vencent – bass
Jimmy D’Anda – drums



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