LUCIDOR (feat Dennis Stratton) – Two Tonnes Of Steel (2021)

LUCIDOR (feat Dennis Stratton) - Two Tonnes Of Steel (2021) full

Released today, “Two Tonnes Of Steel” is the second album from Swedish rockers LUCIDOR, a collection of straight and easy riff driven hard rock songs. The uncomplicated, yet well made melodies makes this album a fun listening, traditional hard rock with an English feeling overall.
Speaking of British stuff, Lionheart / early Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton play some guest guitar solos here.
Otto von Lucidor’s raspy voice adds a whisky-soaked feeling to these bluesy based hard rockers, songs benefited by its three and a half running time, straight to the point. And the aim of getting a good beer & rock ‘n’ roll time is fulfilled. Oh, and they do a cool cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)’
Crank this to 11.


01 – Two Tons of Steel (feat Dennis Stratton)
02 – Day Drinker
03 – Loads of Fear
04 – My Fires
05 – Trajectory
06 – Connected
07 – Back to the Bar
08 – Beer Hell (feat Dennis Stratton)
09 – Pretty People
10 – Heroin Town
11 – He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

Otto von Lucidor
Erik von Lucidor
Patrik Landberg
Dennis Stratton



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