DIRTY PENNY – Take It Sleezy [produced by Johnny Lima] (2007) out of print

DIRTY PENNY - Take It Sleezy [produced by Johnny Lima] (2007) out of print full

As requested, here’s the hard to find now debut album by sleazy glam rockers DIRTY PENNY, properly entitled ”Take It Sleezy”. DIRTY PENNY was a rare beast in the 2000’s American rock scene. Yeah, there was an effervescent new sleazy / sleaze scene but essentially from Scandinavia.
Hailing from California, at the time there wasn’t too many acts playing that kind of ’80s LA sleazy hard rock, even less newly formed bands such as DIRTY PENNY.
The band didn’t get a record deal, but Johnny Lima saw them live and encouraged the 4-piece to release an album by themselves, and Lima ended producing, engineering & mixing the whole thing.
Professionally recorded & packaged, “Take It Sleezy” rocks with a wild attitude and killer hooks, an album not so well known (copies being sold for over $100 on eBay) but certainly a must listen if you love the Sunset Strip glory days.


01 – Midnight Ride
02 – Hot & Heavy
03 – Push Comes To Shove
04 – Runnin’ Wild
05 – Sleeze Disease
06 – Take A Bite
07 – Black N’ Blue
08 – Scream & Shout
09 – Vendetta
10 – No. 1
11 – Rock
12 – Sleeze Disease [acoustic]

Binge Daniels – vocals
Jonny Prince – guitar
Tyno Vincent – bass
Spanky Savage – drums


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