STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS (feat Jizzy Pearl) – Major League Son Of A Bitch (2021)

STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS (feat Jizzy Pearl) - Major League Son Of A Bitch (2021) full

Finally, and after rescheduling twice, UK hard rockers STEVIE R. PEARCE AND THE HOOLIGANS have released their elegantly titled new CD “Major League Son Of A Bitch“, via Heavy Rocka Recordings. Fronted by experienced performer Stevie R. Pearce – these guys deliver here a kickin’ collection of melodic, sleazy rockers with a lot of influences, including blues, glam, and more. If there’s a band from the ’80s / 90s scene he hasn’t toured with, then lord knows who they are.
Pearce has stood in the shadows, and at some point or another has probably given you the best night of your life – you just didn’t know who he was! Describing himself as having a foot in the gutter, the other on the sidewalk, Stevie is perhaps better known (depending on whether you’ve just found him or not) for his endeavours in Jizzy Pearl’s latest incarnation of Love/Hate, his work in Warrior Soul, and as original hellraiser of The Black Bullets.
And of course, long time friend Jizzy Pearl appears as guest on one track.

“Major League Son Of A Bitch” packs 13 tracks, but all resumed in 45 minutes: 3-minute abrasive hard rock driven by sleazy / groovy riffs with one ear into the Sunset Strip scene and other into the timeless classic rock from both sides sides of the Atlantic ocean.
Pearce’s raspy voice fits like a glove these catchy rockers, the band sounds tight, and the vital production provides the necessary grit to canalize the group’s energy.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rip It Out
02 – I’m on Fire
03 – Rush of Blood to the Head
04 – How High
05 – Major League Son of a Bitch (feat Jizzy Pearl)
06 – If I Were Blind
07 – Over the Top
08 – Just a State of Mind
09 – Information Not Advice
10 – Fleshwound
11 – Lunatics by the Pool
12 – Trouble
13 – Hammered

Vocals, Guitars – Stevie R. Pearce (ex Love/Hate, Warrior Soul)
Rhythm Guitars – Lance Skybaby
Bass – Richard Jones
Drums – Carl Donoghue
Lead Vocals on 5 – Jizzy Pearl



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