THE SWAMP STOMPERS – The Swamp Stompers (2021)

THE SWAMP STOMPERS - The Swamp Stompers (2021) full

The history of Australian band THE SWAMP STOMPERS is quite curious: during the last ten years they made quite a sensation in social media with their singles / videos, toured around the world, released some Ep’s, but only now after a decade together, they got their first full length CD out on the streets.
But there’s more; this is their final work, as THE SWAMP STOMPERS are breaking up… They’re planning a European farewell tour for May 2022 and an Australian farewell tour will take place in late 2022.
This power trio managed to create their own sound taking such diverse inspiration ranging from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to John Butler Trio to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, delivering in this 13-track self-titled ”The Swamp Stompers” an explosive cocktail of funky rock and bluesy heavy grooves – with catchy guitar riffs and Aussie-desert soundscapes setting this original outfit apart from the pack.

Among the highlights we have re-recorded / re-mastered version of their hit ‘Shadows on the Wall’, one of the band’s slower paced and more mellowed out tunes. Corey Legge’s lead guitar is something to behold, sexy catchy and slick bundled into one, an absolute treat for the ears.
There’s also reworked takes on old crowd favorites (‘Fly’, ‘Medusa the Seducer’, ‘The Game of Life’), old school covers (‘Boom Boom’ by John Lee Hooker and ‘Black & Blue’ by Chain), and brand new songs (‘Goin’ Down South’, ‘Argentinian Woman’, ‘One Step Forward Two Steps Back’, ”You Know You Got It (Feel Alright)’, ‘Make Hay While the Sun Shines’).

This three-piece band from New South Wales have certainly written and recorded in a variety of styles and are certainly not out to be pigeon-holed into a single category or genre. With their funky, bluesy rock (or is it rocky blues) there is something for everyone on this album; catchy grooves, intelligent songs and youthful hunger.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fly
02 – Goin’ down South
03 – Boom Boom
04 – Argentinian Woman
05 – Hey (Remix)
06 – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
07 – Shadows on the Wall (Remastered 2021)
08 – Medusa the Seducer
09 – Black & Blue
10 – The Game of Life
11 – You Know You Got It (Feel Alright)
12 – Make Hay While the Sun Shines
13 – Wishing I Had You (Remix)

Corey Legge (Lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano)
Luke Ligtenberg (Lead and backing vocals, bass, harmonica, percussion)
Mitch Broadhead (Drums, percussion, backing vocals)
Oli Morley-Sattler (Drums, percussion, backing vocals – Tracks 5, 7 & 13)



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