TONY RUST & THE MUDHORSES – Tony Rust & The Mudhorses (2021)

TONY RUST & THE MUDHORSES - Tony Rust & The Mudhorses (2021) full

TONY RUST & THE MUDHORSES is the new band from Canadian vocalist Tony Rust (ex hard rockers Rusted) which are releasing their self-titled debut “Tony Rust & The Mudhorses”.
After many years of singing traditional hard rock in Rusted, Tony assembled The Mudhorses as a response to a need of creating and exploring different kind of music by his own. This Montreal based 4-piece delivers here a mix of British / American classic rock inspired by the Seventies / early Eighties sound.
It’s not that Tony has forgotten his hard rock roots – there’s plenty of hot guitar riffs here, but he added a bluesy, at places Americana roots feeling to his new music with The Mudhorses. Think a mix of Bad Company, Bon Jovi/New Jersey era, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Richie Kotzen Mother Head’s Family Reunion Brett Michaels solo, etc, all with nice melodies and harmonica bursts here and there.

Songs like ‘Gone’ or ‘Alive’ wouldn’t be out of place inyo Bon Jovi’s These Days albums, the formed with a certain Bad Company touch too. On midtempo bluesy ‘Long Drives In The Night’ Tony show the raspy side of his strong voice, then ‘Ol’ 69’ rocks driven by a stinging guitar work and cool organs.
‘Outlaw’ has that ‘rusty road’ feel, then ‘Mirror Mirror’ adds more melody and cleaner vocals. On cuts such as ‘Long Drives In The Night’ or ‘All Troubles Behind’ is where the American roots appear, with acoustics, layered vocal harmonies and a bit of harmonica.
Highly Recommended


01 – Alive
02 – Gone
03 – (Love Ain’t) A Bucketful of Lies
04 – Long Drives In The Night
05 – Ol’ 69
06 – All Troubles Behind
07 – Outlaw
08 – Mirror Mirror
09 – Snowstorm
10 – Working At The Shop
11 – Snowstorm

Anthony Larouche (Tony Rust) – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Christian Marquis – bass
Gabriel Corriveau – guitar
Nicolas Fourey – drums



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