LICKITY SPLIT – Stick It In [Retrospect Records remaster]

LICKITY SPLIT - Stick It In [Retrospect Records remaster] full

As requested, here’s the Retrospect Records release for the first time on CD of LICKITY SPLIT Eighties recordings under the title “Stick It In“. This Sunset Strip based Hair Metal / Glam act headlined clubs like The Troubadour, The Whiskey, Gazzarri’s and The Roxy alongside bands like early Guns N’ Roses, Tuff and LA Guns, and while several major label were interested, LICKITY SPLIT resulted one of the good bands from the scene that unfortunately slipped thru the cracks.
They recorded several songs however, being released by themselves back in the day, and collectors pieces for many years. Retrospect remastered all these tapes, most of them with a very good sound quality.
This is fun, well crafted and performed glam metal, a crossroad between TUFF and Sgt. ROXX meets POISON, with nice clean vocals by frontman Kenny Mac and cool gang-like choruses.

LICKITY SPLIT’s music has some American sleazy typical from the scene / era, but they had a special vibe to it. The songs on ”Stick It In” are more melodic, more ‘hair metal’ I’d say than the dirty-sleazy of Hollywood Rose, as example.
‘Running Faster’, the title track, and ‘Tough Love’ are catchy, foot-tapping party rockers, while delivers a great power ballad ‘I’ll Dry Your Tears’, a song with hit potential all over it.
Nice to see and hear LICKITY SPLIT lost recording finally released.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hungry For Money
02 – Stick It In
03 – Running Faster
04 – Whiskey Gypsy
05 – Little Dirty Girl
06 – Tough Love
07 – Daddy’s Home
08 – I’ll Dry Your Tears
09 – Murder on the Beach
10 – Last One Out

Kenny Mac – Vocals
Farryl – Guitar, Vocals
Michael – Guitar, Vocals
Trik – Drums, Vocals
Yancey – Bass, Vocals


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