IRON MAIDEN – Maiden Japan (2021 Remaster)

IRON MAIDEN - Maiden Japan (2021 Remaster) full

Disillusioned by the quality of the Nineties remasters of the IRON MAIDEN catalog, in 2015 founder Steve Harris decided it was time to re-do the whole thing from the original analog tapes (where applicable) with modern techniques.
The results were fantastic, with all Maiden albums sounding as should in this digital era. But a little one was missing… the legendary “Maiden Japan” EP! Well, it took some time, but finally today November 15 Rhino Records is releasing “Maiden Japan (2021 Remaster)“.
While this is a live recording, you still can improve things from the analog source. With this fresh 2021 remaster the punch of Harris’ signature bass playing is back, loud and clear. The guitars are a bit more defined, and Paul’s vocals come thru pretty good clearer as well.
At this time and age “Maiden Japan” is a classic, a testimony of a band at the verge of excellence. And now you can crank it to 11 without distortion, properly remastered for this modern age.


1 – Running Free (2021 Remaster)
2 – Remember Tomorrow (2021 Remaster)
3 – Wrathchild (2021 Remaster)
4 – Killers (2021 Remaster)
5 – Innocent Exile (2021 Remaster)

Paul Di’Anno
Steve Harris
Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
Clive Burr



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