JAN Le’BRANDT (Memoria Avenue) – Can This Be Love (0dayrox compilation)

JAN Le'BRANDT - Can This Be Love (2018) full

JAN Le’BRANDT is an unknown name for most people, but you’ll hear great things from him in a near future. Le’Brandt is a vocalist with solid on-the-road and on-stage experience as a rock musician with many bands – who has now started to realize his ambitions as recording artist.
Can This Be Love” is a 0dayrox exclusive compilation of his recent songs released as standalone singles, featuring seasoned musicians at the recording sessions including members of TNT, Da Vinci, Street Talk and more.

Mister Le’Brandt has tough roots from the magnificent north of Norway, but is well lived in down south since the arrival there in his early teens. His cool voice is sometimes rough and powerful, but also moves into a more melodic, delicate and sensitive mode.
Jan masters the whole spectrum to the fullest, ranging from melodic hard rock to commercial rock&pop.
He is also part of the fabulous Melodic Hard Rock project Memoria Avenue, a band formed with talented guitarist Tor Talle (Overland, Northern Light, Skyscraper), which debut album is in the making, and believe me, the pre-production demos are awesome.

Precisely some of the songs here feature collaboration from Talle, as on the rocker “Mirror Mirror”, co-written by Rob Moratti (Moratti, Saga, Final Frontier).
Other well known musicians involved in Le’Brandt’s songs include bass player Victor Borge (TNT), keyboardist Dag Selboskar (Da Vinci), drummer Bjorn Olav Lauvdal (Da Vinci, Street Legal) and more.
As you can see, seems Le’Brandt work is highly respected by his peers, and you easily can hear why.

JAN Le'BRANDT - Can This Be Love (2018) INSIDE

Tunes like the sweet “Man Enough To Cry” are a great mix of elaborated ’80s rock&pop with Scandinavian West Coast AOR, while “I’m On Fire” flirts with modernity but with a melodic rock heart.
“Can This Be Love” has a melodic rock sheen akin Harem Scarem, “Hello” is a slow, atmospheric midtempo showcasing Le’Brandt’s abilities to handle a wide vocal horizon, while the AORish “Every Second” mix electrics with acoustics with a superb melody at front.

Not convinced yet? Just check Jan Le’Brandt demos covering famous numbers – and such diverse – in Whitesnake’s “Is This Love”, “Vision Of You” (made famous by Belinda Carlisle), or Carrie Underwood’s hit “Inside Your Heaven”.

Jan Le’Brandt owns a truly colorful, diverse and interesting voice. He can sing a melodic rocker or a poppy ballad with class and a very personal style. Perhaps a new Scandinavian star in the making…
Let’s wait for Memoria Avenue’s melodic rocking debut, meanwhile go and discover this young talented vocalist through this bunch of excellent songs.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Can This Be Love
02 – Mirror Mirror
03 – Where Are You Now
04 – Little Soldier
05 – Lifeline
06 – Man Enough To Cry
07 – I’m On Fire
08 – Hello
09 – Your Name
10 – Every Second (feat Knut Andresen)
11 – Stop The Rain (feat Tee’aY)
12 – Cloud Nine
13 – Is This Love (Whitesnake cover – demo)
14 – Vision Of You (Belinda Carlisle cover – demo)
15 – Inside Your Heaven (Carrie Underwood cover – demo)

Jan Le’Brandt – vocals, programming
Tor Talle – guitar, keys, bass
Victor Borge (TNT) – bass
Rune Gandrud (Northern Light) – bass
Dag Selboskar (Da Vinci) – keyboards
Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk) – keyboards
Bjorn Olav Lauvdal (Da Vinci, Street Legal) – drums
Jango Nilsen (Northern Light) – drums
and more



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