MARK EDWARDS – Land Of The Living [2-CD Deluxe Edition remastered] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

MARK EDWARDS - Land Of The Living [2-CD Deluxe Edition remastered] (2021) full

MelodicRock Classics Records is reissuing a remastered reissue of Australian musician MARK EDWARDS solo album, 1986’s “Land Of The Living“. This release in fact compile all his solo recordings into one place for the very first time, with numerous tracks making their debut on CD, on a separate Bonus disc.
Mark Edwards made his professional debut in 1983 in the band Runners, with a line-up that also featured fellow singer-songwriter / guitarist Paul Norton. After Runners disbanded with just the one album to their name, Mark signed with WEA Records to release his acclaimed solo album ‘Land Of The Living’ in 1986.
It would turn out to be his only record, but still delivered one of that Summer’s breakout hits in the catchy ‘World’s Away’. Subsequent singles title track ‘Land Of The Living’ and ‘Only A Love’ were released with non-album B-sides; followed by a stand-alone single ‘High Times’ the following year.
There were also a few Extended Versions available on the 12” Singles released, none of which ever made it to a CD release. All these and unreleased material are compiled into the 11-track Bonus disc.

With its classic mid-80s rock&pop, radio-friendly lite AOR sound, among the session musicians in “Land Of The Living” we find some familiar names in the Oz rock scene – vocalists Sharon O’Neill and Vanetta Fields; James Morrison on winds, and multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Michael Hegerty. Not to mention, acclaimed session men Ricki Fataar and Rick Chadwick.

‘Land Of The Living’ is a collection of fine melodic tunes showcased well by production that is clean and polished. The songs, while impressive from the first spin, insinuate themselves with each successive hearing. But they really come to life live where their most positive aspects are given a chance to shine. Paul Berton’s guitar is prominent throughout and often gives a distinctly mid-eighties feel.

The album itself was subject to a very limited CD run in the late 80s, pressed before the use of barcodes and long since designated a true Australian rarity. As was commonplace with many other titles released on CD in the early days, the sound suffered a lack of bottom end.
Now 2021, Mark Edwards complete solo recordings are being compiled into this great double disc set, featuring the original album and all the singles and b-sides, all fully remastered by JK Northrup for this special limited edition release.
Highly Recommended

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Disc One : Land Of The Living (remastered 2021)
01 – Land of the Living
02 – World’s Away
03 – So Listen
04 – Something New
05 – Candy Baby
06 – Wedding Ring
07 – Only a Love
08 – Life and Times
09 – Time Goes By
10 – Somebody Like You
11 – Back in the Land of the Living

Disc Two : Bonus Tracks
01 – High Times (1987 single)
02 – Up from Under (Unreleased)
03 – Moonbeam (B-side)
04 – Shah & Kim (B-side)
05 – Land of the Living (Extended Version)
06 – One and Only (Extended Version)
07 – Only a Love (Extended Mix)
08 – High Times (Extended Mix)
09 – World’s Away (Single Edit)
10 – So Listen (Edit Version)
11 – Land of the Living (Long Version)

Mark Edwards – vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass
Paul Berton – guitars
Michael Hegerty – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
John Pryor – drums
Ricky Fataar – drums
Mark Kennedy – drums, percussion
Peter Bondy – keyboards
Mathew Sloggett – keyboards
James Morrison – trumpet
Tony Buchanan – saxophone
Hanuman Dass – additional drum programming
Rick Chadwick – programming, keyboards
Vanetta Fields – backing vocals
Sharon O’Neill – backing vocals



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