D.C. LACROIX – Livin’ By The Sword ’88 (remastered reissue 2020) *Exclusive*

D.C. LACROIX - Livin' By The Sword '88 (remastered reissue 2020) *Exclusive* full

As requested, here’s female fronted rockers D.C. LACROIX second full album, the band by charismatic Sylvie Lacroix. D.C. LACROIX formed part of the US female fronted party glam invasion which included Madam X, Femme Fatale, Lita Ford, Vixen, etc.
Livin’ By The Sword” is way more commercial than their previous album 1986’s ‘Crack Of Doom’, this time crafting catchy, melodic and at places pop-metal songs designed to entice the mainstream audience.
Produced by veteran – and legendary – Kim Fowley, “Livin’ By The Sword” comprises 11 songs with the polished sound from the era, many of them used for a motion picture soundtrack.

By mid 1987, D.C. Lacroix had signed a one album deal with Enigma Records on one of their subsidiary labels, Medusa. The album ”Living By The Sword”, was released at the beginning of 1988.
Enigma also took on the USA distribution for the band’s previous LP Crack Of Doom. Upon release, D.C. Lacroix did a lot of magazine and fanzine interviews, radio interviews and received positive feedback from record stores across the country.

The ball was starting to roll in a good direction when the A&R rep that signed DCL had moved to NY for a new career at Atlantic Records, which left no one at Medusa Records to support the next step in DCL’s future.
Enigma Records would soon close their doors after that…

“Livin’ By The Sword” remained out of print for many years until it was reissued by Retrospect Records some time ago, now hard to find as well. This fresh reissue seems to unofficial however silver pressed with good sound quality.
A strong slice of ’80s female US melodic hard rock. (contributors get lossless)
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Get It Hot
02 – Shake Me
03 – These Boots Are Made For Walking
04 – Under Thunder
05 – Good Love Gone Bad
06 – Livin’ For Rock And Roll
07 – By The Sword
08 – Unseen Force / I Love Lightning
09 – One On One
10 – Trouble
11 – Pave The Road

Sylvie Lacroix – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dan Christopherson – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ed Walker – Bass, Vocals
Marty Temme – Drums, Vocals



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