MIDNIGHT DANGER – Nights at Lake Milsen (2021)

MIDNIGHT DANGER - Nights at Lake Milsen (2021) full

MIDNIGHT DANGER is a Stockholm-based artist creating synthwave music blended with ’80s hard rock who just released his new album “Nights at Lake Milsen“. As you can see at the cover artwork, this is inspired by classic slasher-movies from the Eighties driven by devilish synths / keyboards but adding glam metal guitar riffs to the mix.
Midnight Danger not only loves that era’s music but also glam-sleaze outfits / image, and for this new release he teams up with with renowned rock and metal musicians like guitarists Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper), Rafael Bittencourt (Angra), Martin Sweet (Crashdïet) and Sonia Anubis (Crypta), plus singer Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx) and renowned Australian saxophonist Max Cruise for these pure adrenaline pumping tracks for your retro-souls to hear.

Merging synthwave with a metal / sleaze glam touch, the songs sound like beautiful soundtracks with a nocturnal aura of suspense, mystery, sensuality and emotion through the synergy of synthesizers and the concise guitar riffs & solos.

“Nights at Lake Milsen” is a very well-crafted score to the different states of nightmares and its movements. You feel the sadness, the loneliness, the fright and the cold chill on your neck while waiting for what’s coming next.
And when it comes it is the surprise of the album, Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx) sung “Out in the City Lights”, a rocking song worthy of the end credits of pretty much any given ’80s slasher flick.

“Nights at Lake Milsen” is pure ’80s culture with great melodies utilizing higher pitched synths, the crooning hair metal references, the retro stab percussion effects, darksynth heavy bass lines, and heavy electric guitar.
It’s a pleasure to hear as well Kane Roberts recording again and Danny Rexon’s classic glam metal vocals, let’s hope Midnight Danger keep calling artists of this caliber into future works.
Highly Recommended


01 – Into an Abyss of Fear [feat Sonia Anubis]
02 – Maniac [feat Martin Sweet]
03 – Fatal Attraction [feat Max Cruise]
04 – A Storm out There
05 – Terror by Night [feat Rafael Bittencourt]
06 – Out in the City Lights [feat Danny Rexon & Kane Roberts]
07 – Fatal Attraction (Alternate Mix)
08 – Terror by Night (Alternate Mix)
09 – Sleepless Nights
10 – Hell Urge

Midnight Danger: synths, programming, synth bass
Danny Rexon : vocals
Sonia Anubis: guitar
Martin Sweet: guitar
Max Cruise: sax
Rafael Bittencourt: guitar
Kane Roberts: guitar



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