XX BADBOY – Fire In The Hole [remastered reissue +2 0dayrox extras]

XX BADBOY - Fire In The Hole [remastered reissue +2 0dayrox extras] full

Glam Metal Sleazy rockers XX BADBOY arrived too late into the US scene – early ’90s – and while they managed to self-release their album ‘Fire In The Hole’ – on a homemade CDr – in 1993, the group disbanded soon after. There’s a version appeared in 1995, but it’s a bootleg of limited copies.
Fast forward this current century, Demon Doll Records finally properly released “Fire In The Hole” with a remastering treatment. However, there were two additional tracks on that 1993 CDr, added as ‘0dayrox extras‘ here.
Musically, XX BADBOY were everything a true Hair Metal fan could ask for, some kind of KIX meets BRITNY FOX meets heavier CINDERELLA. “Fire In The Hole” is plenty of energetic rockin’ songs with a classic raspy-sleazy vocals and sharp, edgy riffs n’ solos.

It’s astonishing how major labels missed these guys, certainly not for lack of quality but industry change of direction in favor to depressive grunge. Not only can they fire off a rocker with the best of them (and I do mean the best of them) they also nail commercial ballads to the core.
“Feel This Way” is one of catchiest songs on the record. Add to that the amazing song craftsmanship of “Shoot Ya Full O Love”, “All You Want Is Money” and “Little Loose Lucy” and again you scratch your head how this album wasn’t properly released before.
A Highly Recommended piece of classic ’80s-style US hair glam metal.

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01 – Shoot Ya Full O Love
02 – Feel This Way
03 – All You Want is Money
04 – Little Loose Lucy
05 – Stood Up Again
06 – See Inside My Heart
07 – Sticky Situation
08 – Stick to Your Guns
09 – Ain’t Got Nuthin’ to Do With Love
10 – Fire in the Hole
11 – Love is Like a Tattoo
12 – Sex Junky
Extra tracks CDr 1993;
13 – Dirty Love
14 – Bump & Grind

Al Coholl – vocals
Brady Bunch – lead guitar
Tony Scaol – rhythm guitar
Donny Rotten, Randy Geleski – bass
Tommy Roxx – drums



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