DOUBLEBLIND – Snake Charmer (2021)

DOUBLEBLIND - Snake Charmer (2021) full

DOUBLEBLIND is an original hard rock band out of Jerome, Arizona, originally forming in 1997 under the name Red Giant achieving success in the area through the late 1990’s and 2000’s. Founding members Roy Sandoval on guitar, Noah Pfeffer on bass, and John Westcott on drums have spent decades playing music together.
With the addition of female singer Trecia Taylor and her blend of emotional, soaring, powerful vocals, natural stage presence and thoughtful songwriting, the band has never been better, and re-named DOUBLEBLIND they released the debut album a decade ago.
Now the 4-piece are presenting their new opus “Snake Charmer“, were you can appreciate each member confident experience creating a sound that is energetic, original, with a hard rock style that blends influences from the 1980’s to today.

DOUBLEBLIND supported the likes of Great White, Kenny Wayne Shepperd, Double Trouble, and more, so expect quality playing and emotional, classic rock output.
Songs like ‘Concrete Heaven’, ‘Super Spreader’, ‘Neon Lights’ reflects the strong musicianship and diverse songwriting of the band. Along with the hard driving rhythm section and the melodic, the varied guitar playing of Sandoval and the powerful voice of Trecia, the band creates an exciting mix of groove and atmospheres.

When you think of Jerome, Arizona, you envision an old mining town, hippy artist village, haunted hotel, cowboys and country music. Well, the times they are a changing. DOUBLEBLIND rocks in that ‘classic’ style, a female fronted rock n’ roll act with a fresh, clean sound and solid lyrics.
Highly Recommended


01 – Snake Charmer
02 – Concrete Heaven
03 – Window out of Here
04 – Last Grasp
05 – Super Spreader
06 – Far Too Far
07 – Hey You
08 – Neon Lights
09 – Till We Meet Again
10 – Sometimes, Maybe
11 – Hey God

Trecia Taylor: Vocals
Roy Sandoval: Guitar
Noah Pfeffer: Bass
John Westcott: Drums



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