TYKETTO – We’ve Got Tomorrow We’ve Got Tonight +1

TYKETTO - We've Got Tomorrow We've Got Tonight +1 (2019) full

While TYKETTO recorded some live material in the past, most of these were acoustic. Original members Danny Vaughn (lead vocals) and Michael Clayton (drums) wanted to do something for the TYKETTO legacy.
They got backing vocalists, a horn section and a string section and they ended having a 14-piece band to record “We’ve Got Tomorrow We’ve Got Tonight +1“, a CD / DVD recorded live into the studio. In June 2018, they headed off to the lovely town of Pontypridd, Wales, to produce this very special concert and live video event. The goal was to mix things up with radically different versions of your favorite Tyketto tunes that span their entire career.
And TYKETTO delivers a stupendous set with emotional performances. It’s captured live however the result sound is studio quality, with Vaughn vocals in pristine form. “We’ve Got Tomorrow We’ve Got Tonight +1” is like a complete circle, as there’s as well the very first recording / demo of their classic “Forever Young”.

This CD is classic Tyketto songs reinvented with the stunning help of strings, horns and the backing vocals of the Kane sisters. All electric, energetic, and as said, emotional stuff.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – The Last Sunset
02 – Lay Your Body Down
03 – Scream
04 – Love to Love
05 – Meet Me in the Night
06 – The Voice
07 – Wings
08 – Standing Alone
09 – Faithless
10 – I Need it Now
11 – Catch My Fall
12 – Letting Go
13 – Forever Young
14 – Kick Like a Mule
15 – Forever Young (very first original version early ’89)



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