TYKETTO – Shine [Japan edition remastered] Out Of Print

TYKETTO - Shine [Japan edition remastered] full

Here’s another request: the only available remastered version of TYKETTO‘s third album, the underrated “Shine” featuring ex Tall Stories and future Journey lead vocalist Steve Augeri.
This Japanese edition appeared a year after the European, and it was tweaked with a ’90s-type’ of remastering, which works great.

By the first half of the Nineties, Melodic Rock was out of fashion, especially in America. But Tyketto, without a recording label and all, continued as band. However Danny Vaughn had to take care of his ailing wife, and by the end of 1994 left the band.
The rest of the boys recruited Steve Augeri (from the AOR outfit Tall Stories) to fill Danny’s shoes and “Shine” (1995) was the result (Steve would later fill the void of Steve Perry in Journey for several years).

“Shine” is a stupendous album, and what I like the most of is that Tyketto don’t want to sound like ‘Tyketto-Vaughn’. And Augeri shows his credentials with tons of personality.
The album indeed ‘Shine’ taking the listener to sunny, boisterous vista, combining compositions slashed and liberated by surgical steel power chords, with softer, heartening moments built of clear acoustic guitar for miles, all produced crisp perfection.

And somehow, Tyketto manages to wrap in one wonderous package all the best points about Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Tesla and Journey, creating a melodic hard rock feast that just sings with pride.
Oddly enough, the cornerstones of this bright, optimistic are lead track ‘Jamie’ and ‘Get Me There’, both wistful beautiful midtempo ballads, with ‘Jamie’ exploding in an almost southern rock chording come chorus time.

‘Long Cold Winter’ does the Journey stripper boogie complete with amazing heartfelt vocal acrobatics from Augeri (he’s terrific here), while ‘Let It Go’ finds a smooth retro-groove driven into the memory banks with a gorgeous dual lead lick.

TYKETTO - Shine [Japan edition remastered] back

Tyketto deserves a prize to have recorded such album in 1995, melodic, catchy and with a positive feeling, bounding out of the gates with that necessary confidence required to do a commercial melodic hard rock album in a time dominated by depressive, dark grunge and alternative music.
I know many of you never heard Tyketto’s “Shine”. This is you chance now, with this very good Japanese edition.
I love this record. HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Jamie
02 – Rawthigh
03 – Radio Mary
04 – Get Me There
05 – High
06 – The Ballad Of Ruby
07 – Let It Go
08 – Long Cold Winter
09 – I Won’t Cry
10 – Shine

Steve Augeri (Tall Stories. Journey) – lead vocals
Brooke St. James – guitars, backing vocals
Jaimie Scott – bass
Michael Clayton – drums, backing vocals


Out Of Print

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