STARGAZER – The Sky Is The Limit (2019)

STARGAZER - The Sky Is The Limit (2019) full

Norwegian classic hard rockers STARGAZER are releasing their new CD “The Sky Is The Limit” mixed & mastered by star producer and guitarist Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes) at Medley Studios, Copenhagen. If you are into “in your face” classic melodic hard rock with elements of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Dio, Scorpions, etc, then Stargazer is a band for you.

These guys have been around for a while but now really nailed it with the help of a top class producer, creating a terrific collection of melodious songs, some rocking, and some even AORish.
“The Sky Is The Limit” finally captures Stargazer’s talents into tape, and easily this is not only their best work to date, but also one of the best classy rock albums you’ll hear this year.

The band mention influences such as Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Ozzy, Deep Purple, Dokken, and many more, so you can get a feel from where these guys are coming from. Founded by Tore André Helgemo and William Ernstsen in 2008, since then Stargazer have been refining their sound.
The band released their debut in late 2009 and some singles, but it’s the skilled Soren Andersen who finally was able to capture how good these guys sound.

This is the type of album that I love to hear. A cave full of reverb is on this album, which suits me just fine. It just rocks literally all the way through, with no filler whatsoever in my opinion.
Among the highlights there’s title track “The Sky is the Limit” (excellent melodies and chorus, with charming vocals and great guitars), the 80s mix between heavy harmonies and catchy elements shown on “I’m the One” and on “Shadow Chaser”, the vintage energy that flows from the steady rhythm of “Cold as Ice”, or the joyful “Turn Me On Forever”.

We find a beautiful power ballad in “Come to Me” were the band wisely blend that 1981-83 sound for this kind of songs with a bright updated production, while “Takin’ It Slow” showcases an AOR touch here and there.
There is even an instrumental track aptly named “Racing The Devil“ a stunning piece which flows along with a hard edge to it and could rival anyone on any of the instruments.

Packed with a fantastic bunch of songs – seriously not a weak track here – tight musicianship and a perfect production (Soren Andersen is becoming one of my favorite producers) Stargazer’s “The Sky Is The Limit” is one of the surprises of the year.
This album will keep you with your fist in the air all the way to the end, and then have you reaching for the repeat button to listen again.


01 – The Sky Is the Limit
02 – I’m the One
03 – Shadow Chaser
04 – So Now You’re Leaving
05 – Lost Generation
06 – Cold as Ice
07 – Turn Me on Forever
08 – Every Dog Has Its Day
09 – Racing the Devil
10 – Come to Me
11 – Sentimental Guy
12 – Takin’ It Slow
13 – Silenced by the Wind

Tore André Helgemo (vocals)
William Ernstsen (guitars)
BP Hovik (drums)
Erik Svendgård (bass)



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