DREAM THEATER – Lost Not Forgotten Archives; When Dream And Day Reunite (Live) (2021)

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Continuing with their ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ series, DREAM THEATER and record label InsideOutMusic are about to release ”Lost Not Forgotten Archives; When Dream And Day Reunite (Live)”, another volume from the virtuosic quintet’s long-standing Ytsejam Records catalogue reissued, alongside some brand-new additions to this special collector’s series.
As part of ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’, the entirety of the collection will be reissued on CD, as well as for the very first time on vinyl and digital, with brand new artwork and packaging. The band have also been busy digging into their encyclopedic vault to find some very special, previously unreleased material.
Lost Not Forgotten Archives; When Dream And Day Reunite (Live)” is the 5th release in Dream Theater’s archival series. Recorded in Los Angeles, features a full live performance of the band’s debut studio album, and a reunion with former members Derek Sherinian and Charlie Dominici.
This iconic concert has been one of the most highly sought releases from the original YtseJam Records, and now becomes available on digital and vinyl for the first time.
Highly Recommended


01 – A Fortune in Lies (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
02 – Status Seeker (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
03 – Ytse Jam (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
04 – The Killing Hand (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
05 – Light Fuse and Get Away (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
06 – Afterlife (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
07 – The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
08 – Only a Matter of Time (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
09 – To Live Forever (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)
10 – Metropolis (Live in Los Angeles, 2004)


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