HEARTQUAKE – Heartquake (2021)

HEARTQUAKE - Heartquake (2021) full

HEARTQUAKE is a new band from Finland releasing their full-length self-titled debut “Heartquake” this week. The group formed only few months before the pandemic, but despite the setback during the last two years Heartquake managed to play several gigs and meanwhile record this 10-tracker.
HEARTQUAKE is a female fronted act full in love with the ’80s melodic hard rock sound from the genre; strong guitars, clean vocals (Lilian Martin has a sweet melodious voice color), keyboard splashes to add melody, and a rhythm section with a lot of reverb.
First two tracks ‘Drive’ and ‘Dropout’ are quite heavy, groovy, then #3 ‘Choices’ Heartquake show their full potential as the song a midtempo AOR tune where lead voice is much more upfront, that synth stabs and an overall 1985 feeling (think SCANDAL).

On ‘Heat’ the band add a more contemporary touch, followed by ‘Insane’, some kind of a ballad rich in synth orchestration and atmospheres. ”Live!” returns to the joyful uptempo melodic hard rock with it feel good vibe.
Some ’80s female fronted pop-rock appears for ‘Missing’, then the earthy ‘Lazy’ shows a more classic rock side from the band. Closer ‘The Sea’ is one of the best songs of the album, a slow tune mixing the best of the new female fronted rock with the old.

HEARTQUAKE is a promising new female fronted melodic hard rock act, let’s hope they continue developing their sound. Meanwhile, their debut CD is an enjoyable platter of tuneful songs very well written and produced for an indie.
Highly Recommended


01 – Drive
02 – Dropout
03 – Choices
04 – Heat
05 – Insane
06 – Live!
07 – Missing
08 – Lazy
09 – Lonely
10 – The Sea

Lilian Martin – Vocals
Jani Kuoppamaa – Guitars
Jake Angervo – Keyboards
Rami Kangas – Bass
Sami Peltoharju – Drums



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