KASIM SULTON – Live Bootleg (2021) *Exclusive*

KASIM SULTON - Live Bootleg (2021) full

Few days ago we featured here the much sought after ’80s album from duo Price-Sulton the project of North American songwriters / session musicians Thommy Price (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Blue Öyster Cult, Billy Idol) and Kasim Sulton ( Utopia, Cheap Trick, current Blue Öyster Cult & Todd Rundgren band member), both having contributed songs for other recording artists, performed on several major productions, involved in Hollywood movie soundtracks, etc.
KASIM SULTON remains active in the music business, and releasing solo material as well. Now 2021 Sulton has reissued his album ”Live Bootleg”. It’s title speaks for itself, however this is a recording with a much more quality than a regular live, and not a ‘bootleg’ for sure.
The album was recorded in 2015 at The Cutting Room in NYC and Hotel Utah in San Francisco, intimate gigs but full of rock n’ roll energy. It’s a great mix of Sulton own songs with a full band and then stripped down with some songs just in acoustic. Of course, Sulton vocals are intact and melodic as ever.

Many of the songs on this live album are from Kasim‘s 2014 release “3” but there are a few songs from other times in his musical career. What I like about his music is for those who actually like to sing along to an album, his songs are singable and memorable.
Some are fun tunes with lots of piano, others have lots of cool electric / acoustic guitars. There’s something a little different on each song, from classic rock to pop-rock to AOR.

Sulton plays acoustic guitar or piano as appropriate and with his clear tenor voice carries off the songs effortlessly, and always seems to find its perfect place within the harmony vocals of his band mates.
The poppy ’15 Minutes’ works well with its Andy Warhol-esque view on fame, as does the plaintive ‘God Of Low’. As would be expected, there is also a nod to Sulton’s past band Utopia with ‘Maybe I Could Change’ sounding fantastic; one of Utopia’s finest moments and probably a hard one to sing – anyway, Sulton nails it.
The album ends with ‘Set Me Free’ which was Utopia’s biggest hit back in 1980 and a natural and up-tempo closing to proceedings.

As said, it’s a very clean recording and plenty of excellent songs / performances.
Highly Recommended


01 – 15 Minutes
02 – Watching the World Go By
03 – Too Much on Her Mind
04 – Maybe I Could Change
05 – Yellow Cab
06 – Sacrifice
07 – God of Low
08 – Libertine
09 – Set Me Free



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