MANY MOONS (John West) – Many Moons (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

MANY MOONS (John West) - Many Moons (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

MANY MOONS was the project formed by American vocalist John West – vocalist in Royal Hunt for ten years, also Artension, Uli Jon Roth band, Cozy Powell band, etc – and his long time friend Dennis Chitwood.
Prior to his joining Royal Hunt in 1998, West contributed vocals to a variety of projects. His recording career began in 1986 as the singer of Diamond. Later, he sang for Destiny, who released the four-song demo Side By Side in 1989. He had brief stints replacing Ray Gillen in both Badlands and Sun Red Sun in the mid-1990s, also lending his voice to Marc Ferrari’s solo album ‘Guest List’ in 1995, and Cozy Powell’s final solo album, ‘Especially For You’.
But West also recorded “Many Moons” in 1996, released on CD in limited quantities. Now 2021, after many years, “Many Moons” is being properly reissued with a fresh artwork.
This is class melodic rock mostly in midtempo pace with a strong mix of acoustic / electric guitar, being West’s powerful voice the star of the recording. Production is first rate, clean and clear.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Midnight Breeze
02 – Open Your Eyes
03 – Seven Valleys
04 – Winter Wind
05 – Orion’s Sword
06 – Killing Game
07 – Scarlet Rose
08 – Wailing Wall
09 – Mr. Right
10 – Lonnie’s Door
11 – Bad Attitude
12 – Thunder and Blood
13 – Which Road

John West – vocals, guitar, bass
Dennis Chitwood – drums, guitar, bass



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